World Newspapers – Local News & International News

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World Newspapers – Local News & International News

The most ideal way for reading local and world news - from our library of 6000 news papers!

On the chance that you need to find out about business news, stay at par with the sports world or you simply need to take a gander at the climatic conditions of the world, your local neighborhood news, or world news this is by far the best application!

Receive all the news from its source - no filtration, no exaggeration, just 100% true and original!

With World Newspapers application you get news from excess of 6000 news sources (day by day/week by week papers, news destinations, tabloids) from all over the world, including 150 countries.

Don't trust the source? Read the news from our 5999 other options, our incorporated translator is present to make your task easier.

Our application makes it easier for you to access news from all over the world, from your comfort zone. All you need is an Android device! Our user friendly interface makes it easier for you to navigate our app, even if you're new.

Main functionalities of the app :

➢ Read mode - featuring only relevant news, we take out the trash for you!
➢ Translate news - read news from other distant lands with our sophisticated translator!
➢ News browser - Don't know what you're looking for? Just search for it!
➢ Offline mode - In a hurry? We got you! Download news so that you can read them later, offline.
➢ Dark mode - available for Android Q
➢ Share news - with your family and friends
➢ Favorites - add newspapers to your favourites no matter which country they're from!
➢ Bookmarks - Late for work? Bookmark the story and read it later!
➢ Home newspaper - Pick out your favourite newspaper and start reading it right away!
➢ Homepage
➢ Full screen mode
➢ Themes - different color themes
➢ Localized in 20 languages
➢ and more ...

We are constantly working hard on making the app better and more useful, so feel free to contact us for any suggestions and problems. Thank you for choosing us!
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