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Wellthy Care

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Want to lead a healthy life, but struggling to do so?

And despite the abundance of information all around you, you’re probably confused about where and how to get started?

Don’t worry, we are here for you!

Introducing Wellthy Care - your own 24*7 personal health coach.

Wellthy Care is the digital health coach that will help you manage diabetes, chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other such chronic conditions. We’ll help you improve your lifestyle, by helping you maintain your blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, lose weight, make your diet healthy and make you more active.

The features of the app are built to help you beat your health issues and lead a healthy (and happy!) life in just 16 weeks:

- 24*7 instant personalised lifestyle coaching by Carey, your AI-powered health coach
- Access to a dedicated health coach who is a certified clinical nutritionist
- Expert guidance to lose weight in a healthy way
- Logs and diary to keep track of your lifestyle
- Weekly and monthly lifestyle reports to show your doctor
- Expert-verified interactive lessons that will help you manage your condition better
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