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Vskit- download comedy video & musical video

Choose the trending music of famous singer to make your own musical video, tap a button to share the naija comedy video with your friends, become a beauty or a cool guy by powerful video editing like tiktok, lomotif and likee. In Vskit, you have a chance to be a celebrity. Wherever you are, you can watch video, share and download funny videos, explore trending videos for free.

Wonderful naija music, tiktok & likee & lomotif style editing, naija comedy video, all-round celebrity & more!! 5 reasons you’ll love to watch video and create your own short funny videos with Vskit.

Trending music is in the palm of your hand - get access to rich music content such as Afrobeats music, gospel music, naija music and more to shoot your trending videos. 🎶

Special effect is easy to use - only one click to add filter, sticker, lip color, highlight, hair color and more you love. Different cool makeup styles-comparable to tiktok & likee & lomotif ! ✨

Mini video game brings more fun – play video game while shooting video, interesting and easy for you! Enjoying more fun without going out. 🎶

Shoot video with celebrity at any time – get close to the famous artist, comedian, celebrity and make a duet with them. You’ll have a chance to become a famous Vskit celebrity and creating trending videos. ✨

Trending topic & activity made for you – millions of #comedy, #dance, #life-style, #beauty, #fashion, #talent funny videos you can share and download. The short videos with rich stories make you laugh out loud, especially naija comedy! 🔥

※Magic Stickers – 3D dynamic stickers make your video more interesting.
※Mini-Game – Lively and fun mini video game is suitable for playing with friends
※Cool special effect – Various special effects and filters make your video more visually impactful.
※Online/Offline music – Download or upload trending music from famous singer and add them to your video. Afrobeats, R&B, naija music make the musical video more rhythmic and attractive.
※Duet – Shoot a duet video with any people you are interested in, whether your friend, families or celebrity. It is same as tiktok.
※Photo Video – Turn your photo into video with exquisite templates. The video templates will be updated frequently.
※Video clips – support for posting multiple video clips and trimming them to make naija comedy clips easily.
※Personalized editing – Add titles and Emoji to the video to make it special. You can play video multiple times to check it.
※Video sharing – Share different trending videos or clips with your FB, IG and WA friends like tiktok, lomotif and likee.
※Video comment – Leave massages under the video and communicate with the video uploader.
※Video downloading – Download videos you want to keep in your phone and watch video at any time. It will save more data after you download videos.

Other highlights:
※Record - Clicking the record button to start to shoot video. Adding different stickers, special effects, makeup patterns and background music like Afrobeats, gospel music or naija music to make your musical video more localized.
※Popular - Recommending high-quality, famous videos and clips that you might be interested in. #naija comedy, #dance, #life-style, #beauty, #fashion funny videos or trending videos. Play video and watch video easily by scrolling up.
※Following - Finding and following the users, celebrities or clips you like.
※Notification - Showing the likes, comments, and your new followers. Let you know who watch video that you make.
※Me - Your personal zone, showing your personal information and the videos you shoot.

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