Read Aloud - books, web pages, docs, any text

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Developer: kapron-ap

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Read Aloud - books, web pages, docs, any text

Listen anywhere to any web page, ebook, document, text file for free. Turn your books, daily news, magazines, scientific articles into audiobooks and podcasts. Easily create playlist with web pages or any text files and listen to them later, even without the internet.

Just share any web address from your internet browser, paste text from the clipboard or open a file directly in the app. The application supports many e-book and document formats like pdf, epub, txt, html.

The reader continues reading when you lock the screen, it reads aloud in the background even if you are using other applications. Works well with Bluetooth headsets.

The application does not require internet connection, you can add web pages and download text files to be read later, even when you are offline, driving a car, walking, traveling by train or plane.

The application is compatible with Google text to speech engine, so you have easy access to high quality, natural voices in 38 languages. Just install google tts voices, if you do not have them already pre-installed on your device. Select the voice of a man or woman, speech speed, voice tone and intonation.

Save your eyes, let the app to read for you a chapter of your favorite novel or scientific book when commuting to work or journals and daily news digest before sleep.
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