US President Security Plane Simulator 2019

Version: 2.1 (Latest)

Developer: Game Sonic

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US President Security Plane Simulator 2019

Security mission games are creating new opportunity for players who love to perform high and sensitive roles of security agent of president security games. Be part of President VIP security end escort your president by making his safety clear in newly designed US president simulation. Accompany president Airplane drive as practical driver and make yourself famous personality of your country.
Polish your bravely talents by taking practical part in US president helicopter security and take your president to his desired destination. The terrorists have planned to attack on the way of this submarine security mission and now you must be brave and very agile by keeping an eagle eye on your surroundings as US president security driving.
Perform more sensitive approaches than Russian president security as many terrorist organizations of drive security games have evil mind to shoot US president on the way to other island. Take Mr President Rescue new operation toward its safe harbour by assuming practical character of president security agent.
US President PLane Security Mission features:
Perfect animation of us submarine.
High sensitive security missions.
Perfect animation of us president.
Challenging security set ups.
Practical submarine driving experience.
Crystal clear camera views.
Genuine sea atmosphere.
Craze boasting levels of game.
Become integral part of president security driving as highly sensitive driver who is dealing with president high security. Pave your way forward to become professional US president driver to earn a lot of reputation and money.
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