Trevor, psychic advisor

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Trevor, psychic advisor

Trevor is a real and very good spiritual advisor. By connecting with your mind, he is able to read some information about your future. He can also, on demand, interact with your destiny and influence the major stages of your future. Read on to understand.

This application allows you to get 4 psychic readings from Trevor, free of charge, in a 4-hour period. It would be irresponsible of Trevor (or any other psychic, for that matter) to provide you with more automatically because your fate is not an open book either. Wanting to know everything at once would increase the risk of errors or inaccuracies! However, you will be able to get more in the application, free of charge.

But Trevor is not only a great psychic, he calls himself a spiritual advisor, in connection with your mind. He can, by connecting very precisely to your destiny, through the link he will establish between your mind and his, develop an energy strategy in order to influence certain positive or negative events.

How does it work? Once you have a personal psychic reading, you will have the opportunity to make a request to your Trevor advisor. You can ask him to prevent, delay, precipitate, etc., the event that has been predicted to happen to you. Be careful, only one request is allowed at a time. But you will have the opportunity to launch countless more later!

Have you been predicted to meet someone in love? Then ask Trevor to rush it.
Have you been told of a painful break-up? Then ask Trevor to stop it.

You will build your future as the spiritual advisor reveals it to you!

But beware, no results are guaranteed. Trevor has the honesty to say that he can not do everything. It depends on many factors: The link established with your mind, the importance of the event, your emotional consition and the importance of your destiny in the global energy line, the one whose psychic forces draw all their strength.

Your request can also be directly refused. Seeing no personal attack is that Trevor considers it futile to try. You will receive a reply between 12 and 48 hours, directly via the application and by a notification.
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