Tram Driver Simulator 2D - city train driving sim

Version: 1.127 (Latest)

Developer: Eco City Games

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Tram Driver Simulator 2D - city train driving sim

Tram Driver Simulator 2D is a railroad driving simulation game with arcade elements not just for kids, but for everyone! Experience what it takes to be a tram driver in the public transit system and safely transport all citizens across the city.

- Stop the tram at all public stations on time and pick up all passengers
- Get as many experience points as possible to unlock new electric trams
- Be fast, reliable, and careful conductor to receive time bonus points (exciting time racing)
- Respect traffic rules to avoid fines during service (do not cross the red signal, do not exceed the maximal allowed speed, avoid intensive braking, do not depart from stations too early etc.)

- 38 electric tram models to unlock (retro and modern)
- Different day phases (morning, afternoon, evening)
- Different seasons (summer, autumn, winter)
- Different weather conditions (cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy)
- Simple controls (pocket simulator accessible to everyone)
- Real tram and ambient sounds
- Real traffic signs and signals
- Randomly generated world (landscapes, cities, lines etc.)
- Live virtual cities with a lot of cars and funny citizens on the streets

- Hold the green pedal (power) to move the train forward or the red pedal (brake) to slow down
- Pay attention to traffic lights, signs, stations, timetables, braking intensity etc.
- Stop the train correctly at each station and wait for all passengers. Close the doors by pushing a button.
- Drive the train to the final station of each route without getting penalized

Download the game Tram Driver Simulator 2D right now if you ever wanted to drive a streetcar across the city! Also try the Tram Driver Simulator 2D if you are a fan of cable car, monorail, commuter, suburban, interurban, intercity, suspension, or even elevated transport.
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