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Text Neck - Forward Head Posture Correction

Upload date: July 01, 2020
8.6 ★ · 100,000+
Package forward.head.posture.text.neck
Version2.3 (13)
Size7.2 MB

👉Do you want to have a perfect posture? What if we tell you that you can have it? With simple exercises and stretches and no need for equipment! Text Neck App will guide you to the perfect posture! With enough practice, the correct posture will replace your old posture. 👍

👉Forward Head Posture is the anterior positioning of the head to the body. The main causes of Forward Head Posture are prolonged computer use - tech neck, studying while keeping your head forward, looking down on smartphone for a long time - text neck, or any other postures that make your head lean forward or bend down.

👉Being aware of the problem is the first step in fixing bad posture. We will help you determinate what is the problem and how to fix forward head posture. Neck stretches and neck exercises will help you regain control of your neck position and good posture overall. Download it now and start improving your posture! ✔️
👉You can choose between Female and Male trainer to guide you in our application. Bad neck posture is one of the leading causes of shoulder tension, back pain and neck pain. ✔️

👉Correct posture is important for your overall health and wellbeing. Correct posture aligns everything in your body in proper position. Your body can only function optimally if you have a proper head position and overall good posture. ✔️

👉Posture Analysis - Check your posture with our questionnaire and test. Follow up on your progress!

👉Posture Reminder - With our smart notifications, you can set up custom posture reminders

👉We will show you How to fix Forward Head Posture - “Text Neck” with scientifically proven methods. Our custom exercises with guided training are the perfect way to help you improve posture. All exercises are easy and safe to do and you need only 5-8 minutes of your time. Training programs are based on dynamic and static exercises and stretching for the neck to develop proper and healthy posture. ✔️

👉Proper head posture will reduce neck pain. Our app is great as a neck pain treatment with specific exercises and stretches to improve posture. ✔️

👉Corrective exercises combined with stretches will help in reversing forward head posture, neck pain, and back pain. ✔️
👉The biggest problem with Forward Head Posture is that when your head is pulled forward the additional pressure on your neck, shoulders and back rise dramatically causing serious tissue damage. For every inch, your head is thrust forward from its natural position, it adds another 10-12 Lbs of stress to your neck, shoulder, back and ultimately spine. ✔️

Forward Head Posture Symptoms:

❌Back Pain
❌Neck Pain
❌Chronic Neck Pain
❌Restricted Breathing
❌Headaches and migraines
❌Chronic Fatigue
❌Mood Swings
❌Numbness and tingling in the arms, hands, and fingers
❌Pinched nerve in neck
❌Bad shoulder posture.

We can help you.✅

👉Neck muscles pain relief - The muscles in the neck and in shoulders are responsible for the tension that often leads to a painful, stiff neck. Our stretches of the neck at the end of the training program will relieve pain in your neck. Neck spasms may happen from poor neck posture and when neck muscles go into spasm, the spasm can even cause headaches.

👉This application is created based on years of scientific research in Medicine and Physiology.

👉Our training program is optimal for your health and for your Forward Head Posture Correction, start it as soon as possible and enjoy all the benefits that good posture provides. ✔️

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