SZ Viewer A1: Diagnostics for Suzuki

Version: A1-2021-02-08 (Latest)

Developer: Anton Malykh

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SZ Viewer A1: Diagnostics for Suzuki

A diagnostic application for Suzuki vehicles. SZ Viewer uses specific protocols (via K-Line and CAN) instead of standard OBDII ones. This application can read data and DTCs of almost all control modules, including extended Suzuki codes and historical errors.

Japanese domestic market (JDM) Suzuki cars are also supported, even if they do not support OBDII protocols.

An ELM327 adapter (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) version 1.4 or later is required. Fake (so called v2.1 and some v1.5) ELM327 adapters are not suitable to use because they do not support required standard ELM327 commands.

Older (before about 2000 model year) protocol SDL (5V levels, pin #9 of OBDII connector) is not supported because of incompatibility with ELM327.

This application allows to view some current values and DTC errors for various control modules: powertrain, engine, AT/CVT, ABS/ESP, SRS, AC/HVAC, BCM, PS, EMCD/4WD/AHL. But not all modules can be exist on a tested car.

A HVAC module may display B1504/B150A DTC due to insufficient lighting of sunload sensor during diagnostic procedure. It is not a symptom of sunload sensor malfunction.
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