Sweet Talking Puppy: Funny Dog - Virtual Pet

Version: 210127 (Latest)

Developer: Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets

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Sweet Talking Puppy: Funny Dog - Virtual Pet

Talk with this cute little talking puppy. The talking dog will repeat everything you say and respond to your touch. With more than 20 exciting games to play!
Become the new owner of this lovely dog and share some really special moments with him. Enjoy the talking pets and the amusing activities. He loves music and cannot stop himself from dancing if there is a song playing somewhere. Throw him a bone and he will rush to get it. Pay attention, if he is not in the right mood he might growl to defend what he things of his property. As all tiny puppies he also likes to play and to be pet but he gets tired quite fast if there is nobody taking care of him, therefore do not be surprised if he should suddenly fell asleep.

Adopt the talking puppy as one of the cutest virtual dogs of your city / village.

★★★ Features: ★★★
✔ Talking Animal
✔ High quality 3D graphics
✔ Dog games
✔ Piano
✔ My talking app

Think: I want my talking dog now and download the funny an free talking app Sweet Talking Puppy: Funny Dog now!
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