Grand Racing in Police Car 3d - Real Chase Mission

Version: 1.3 (Latest)

Developer: Next Hope

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Grand Racing in Police Car 3d - Real Chase Mission

Grand Racing in Police Car 3d welcomes you in one of the most wanted and top police chasing games of 2018. It is your first day as a law enforcement officer in police department. Today you are going to learn everything about chasing the criminals and racing on asphalt highways. In this new car driving game you have to chase the criminals and city gangsters with your super speedy police car. Show your extreme crazy driving stunts with different police cars in a great and massive city of crime. Many police chasing games have fixed amount of modes, but in 2018, you have simulation of extreme police car that never ends.

Deadly criminals and terrorists are everywhere in city and they plan to do some trouble on the lovely occasion of christmas. These terrorists are very clever; they use the fake santa getup for massive attack on the morning of 24th of December. Your duty as a police officer is to stop this santa terrorist and show the robbers that there is a super hero officer to stop this grand attack mission at any cost.

You have all the time to clear and safe the rush city streets and highway in this police racing simulator. This is a big city with open world game where you can crash, smash and do some real racing stunt on the off-road tracks. Get ready for some xtreme traffic chase on impossible highway tracks. Drive as fast as you can and takedown different crews of illegal street racers. Don’t let the outlaws outrun from your popular sports cars in this police chase game.

It is an ultimate race of death and most wanted car & racing game of a police cop. Experience the thrill of extreme fast-paced police car firing and shooting with vivid graphics and adrenaline pumping action on limitless tracks. Overload tons of features and non-stop car battles between players all over the world make this a perfect police car game. Select your police shooter cars and load your missiles guns to blast your racing opponents and city gangsters.

If you love to chase the city rascals in super speedy police car, then this 3d game is perfect for you. In this police chor criminal case game, chase and kill the terrorist mafia cars on the road. You are a super cop police hero. Maintain the peace in the city is your foremost duty in this 3d racing game. No speed limit and no mercy for what comes on the way while chasing the criminals, just blow them with high tech fatal weapons. Choose the super speedy vehicles of police and race for their freedom in this 3d driving game. With high speed, it is extremely challenging to shoot and destroy all cars of enemy rivals. Shoot the rush traffic in front of you because they will slow you down. Dodge the heavy missiles that the choppers in the sky fire at you on the bumpy road. Use your police autocannons machine gun and shoot down the enemy’s chopper in the sky. Collect missiles on your way and destroy the gangster’s cars.

Drive carefully your police prado car on hill climbing asphalt roads. Use your professional cop driving and racing skills. Remember! dangerous bombs are planted on offroad tracks. Use your police car driving training and avoid these bombs like a legendary cop and shoot the criminals car.

Download this police chase game and shoot the criminals like legendary driver. Realistic shooting, chasing or racing simulation is also available in this 3d game.
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