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To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook

Developer: AhmadJawid Muhammadi
Upload date: July 29, 2020
9.4 ★ · 50,000+
Package com.plannerdo.android.mydo
Version3.4.5 (42)
Size5.3 MB
Category Productivity
DeveloperAhmadJawid Muhammadi

With SpotlightDo (To do List App), you can keep track of everything – from simple errands like grocery shopping to your most ambitious projects – so you can start getting things done and enjoy more peace-of-mind along the way.

SpotlightDo app is a smart To do list reminder app with alarm for everyday use and also you can create notes or convert an image to text offline (OCR) and add to your notes. To Do list app is truly usable with great user experience, no matter who you are and what you do, you will be better organized!

Daily planner
• A daily planner
• To do lists are accessible anywhere, on any device
• Share lists, notes and tasks with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates
• Task management features break your tasks into manageable steps
• Take notes to add to any task
• Group task lists together by categories
• Use it as Notebook

Task manager
• Add reminders, tasks and lists with the To Do List widget
• Daily organizer personalized with stars and colorful backgrounds
• Reminders with one-time or recurring due dates
• Make task lists and switch between school, work, and personal lists
• Attach images and files to any Notes

To Do lists for any purpose
• Image to Text
• Bill planner
• Shopping list
• Reminders
• Task management
• Take notes
• And more

Key Features
• Synchronize your tasks and notes across all your devices (Tablets & Phone)
• Supports both light and dark theme
• Widgets for adding tasks fast on your home screen
• Add tasks via voice
• Add Reminder with alarm
• Search in your tasks and notes
• Uses system default speech synthesizer (TTS)
• Priorities your tasks according to their importance.
• User-friendly task management.
• Smart Notification just when you need them.
• Convert image to text and add to your notes
• Create Notes and get track of your ideas
• Share your Notes and Tasks with your friends and others
• Attach Images to your notes
• Use can add tasks and notes offline too. It will automatically synchronize all your data.
• Organize notes into different images and colors

More Details

• Status bar - component (in the notifications area) keeping you up to date
• Quick Task Bar - to add something hot quickly
• Widgets - add your tasks fast at your home screen
• Support for tasks without a due date, all-day-long tasks, and tasks at a specific hour of the day.
• Many useful configuration options.
• Predefined task lists.
• Integration with sharing on Android - sharing tasks with other apps.
• Add notes with different layout colors.
• free of charge

You can use the To Do List reminder app to remind you at home, at work, and in your free time. It will help to focus on really important things! To Do reminder app is powerful in its simplicity and convenience of use.

To Do List app is recommended to add Reminder app with alarm for daily works which is best for managing different activities and tasks with different levels of
priorities. It really helps you to focus on what really matters in your life.

With the To Do Reminder app, you can create notes and keep track of your ideas & plans. Enter your notes with different colors and designs. If you are a book reader or a student or a teacher then this is just for you. Now you can simply save an important part of a paragraph or whole page from your book just by taking a picture. Todo list reminder app will convert image to text offline by using OCR technology then you can add converted image to your notes.

SpotlightDo is not just a To-do list or To-do reminder app, it is also a well-designed app to help you always stay motivated by reading inspirational quotes from the greatest scientist and life coach experts.

To do list reminder app is a Reminder app for daily work with the alarm which you can manage & remember your meetings and tasks!

SpotlightDo is also acting as a notepad which is very useful for taking notes.

Contact us via e-mail:
[email protected]

To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook, developed by AhmadJawid Muhammadi., is truly a great app that has gained an impressive rating on Google Play Store with 50,000+ installs. This app is listed in the Productivity category of app store. You can choose to download and install the app on most Android devices using apk files for free. No doubt, Google Play is the safest place for app download, but for some unknown reasons, it happens to work improperly or you fail to access the store. In such cases, the best alternative is to download To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook apk from a trusted third-party.

Download To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook for Android Mobile

To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook [5.3 MB] 2020 apk download is supported by a wide range of phones running Android 4.0.3+( Jio, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Sony, LG, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realmi, HTC, Moto (Motorola), Philips, Nexus, OnePlus, Honor, Asus, BenQ, Acer Liquid, alcatel etc.). You can also find to download all versions of the app ( the latest) with 100% original apk files taken from Google Play without any modifications at apkTovi.com. (Check if the apk file is original). Also, we are always quick to update the new version as soon as it is released on Google Play. For the best experience, you’re highly recommended to download and install To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook latest version 3.4.5 apk because of its improvements, bug fixes and outstanding added features.

Download To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook for PC/Windows 7/8/10

If you want to experience the game on desktop with maximum performance and frame rates, downloading and installing To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook apk for PC or laptop using an Android emulator can be a good choice. You can run the app on your computer with Bluestacks, which supposedly tops the list of Android emulators for PC. But if your computer has insufficient space to run this emulator well, then there are chances of facing lags in its normal working. In such case, you can choose to run To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook apk on any Microsoft Windows without Bluestacks by using other software such as KOPLAYER, MEMu, and Nox app player, etc.You can see the detailed instructions of how to download an apk file on mobile or pc so that you can download Phone Booster Cache Clean apk successfully on your Android phone or PC.

Download To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook for Android TV box, Smart TV (Sony, Xiaomi, Skyworth, air tv, Philips), Android car or Android wear

You're using other Android devices but you can’t download To Do List Reminder, Daily Task Manager & Notebook directly from Google Play, then go ahead to manually download the apk file. This procedure comes in quite handy because not all Android apps have made their way to the Android TV's Play Store. By transferring over the downloaded APKs, you can experience any Android apps on your preferred devices without any costs.

Old version

3.4.4 (41) July 14, 2020
3.3.2 (37) July 05, 2020 (28) May 22, 2019