Pihlajalinna terveyssovellus

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Pihlajalinna terveyssovellus

Download the doctor into your pocket!

The remote appointment service is open from 7 AM to 11 PM every day of the year and you can have a remote consultation with a doctor without an appointment in less than a minute. With the application, you can talk with a doctor via either a chat or video connection. Many kinds of acute ailments that do not require physical examination can be treated at a remote appointment. The doctor can also prescribe medicine, renew prescriptions, write a referral for further examination or grant a short sick leave.

At a remote appointment, you can get help for many ailments

-Erectile dysfunction
-Stomach symptoms
-Eye infection
-Heart symptom
-Urinary tract infection
-Upper respiratory tract infection

All health information in one place

In the health application you can also make an appointment with our doctors and other experts and view your upcoming visits. Your previous visits, laboratory results, sick leave certificates, and electronic prescriptions are also safe in the application. You can also cancel future appointments, if necessary.

You can interact as a private, occupational health, and municipal customer

On the Pihlajalinna health application, it is possible to interact as a private, occupational health, and municipal customer. We automatically recognise which of the interaction roles you can use. You can select how you want to interact before the remote appointment begins.
The remote clinic is open to private and occupational health customers from 7 AM to 11 PM every day of the year. Municipality customers can contact the clinic during the opening hours of the municipality health centre.

Remote doctor prices

Compared to an ordinary appointment, the remote appointment is an inexpensive option. You need a credit card to pay for the appointments. Downloading the application is free.
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