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Phone Manager

Why Choose this APP?
It's an multi-functionality all in one app, that helps you to manage your Android Mobile. The interface is designed to access all functionality in one click. The size of app is minimized to occupy very minimal space in the mobile.

WhatsApp Cleaner
It provides various filter where you can use them to delete the unrequired files for various formats, including the capacity details.

Big Files Analyzer
This feature will scan and analyze the big files in the mobile with which you can delete them and reclaim space on the mobile. It indirectly will help to improve the performance.

Duplicate Finder
It scans the mobile and finds the duplicate files in the mobile phone. The app can be minimized the functionality will run in the background to complete the task.

Speed Booster:
One click booster - boosts processing by cleaning unnecessary apps running in background and speed up the Phone.

Junk Cleaner
It analyzes and removes junk cache files, Clean up storage, boost performance.Free up the storage space and improve the performance.

Battery Saver
It analyze battery usage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use, Hibernating the apps to stop battery draining and extend the life-span of the battery.

CPU Cooler
It will analyze and find overheating apps and stop them to cool down the CPU temperature.

Application Finder:
List all the apps with an instant search option.

App Info
List all the apps with the details and manage them from the single window.

Unused App
It looks for the app which are unused from long time.

Reminder List
Additional Feature to add reminders, which will pop-up as an notification as per the reminder date and time.
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