Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel

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Developer: Game Town Studio

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Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel

Welcome to the Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel
Are you ready for drive heavy duty oil cargo truck driving for transport oil and liquid fuel from oil refinery to fuel stations?? You want to drive heavy oil cargo truck on offroad tracks of deadly mountains. If YES!! Then try our latest Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel game. In this Oil Tanker Transporter 2018 Truck Simulator, you are going to perform the most important transportation tasks ever, to keep the city running. Let’s start your oil cargo truck engine go and drive to the oil refinery for fill the oil tanker. Your duty is to drive heavy cargo in this simulation game and transport oil in different fuel station in dangerous off-road areas. There are two or three gas station in off-road area. People use fuel for their vehicles for survive in this area like cars and off-road jeeps.

Due to thunder storm and heavy rain no fuel tanker came in this off-road area. This task assign to you. Show your epic driving skills dangerous off road tracks and deliver fuel to fuel station on time. Peoples are looking for you. Drive carefully on curvy single lane mountain tracks. When you take turn use horn to alarm other vehicle. You have to epic command on cargo truck dashboard. Going downhill avoid hitting other off-road vehicles like jeeps, cars, and taxi. We hope that you take this challenge seriously and perform your duty well like a military officer. Enjoy your new role in this adventurous Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel game.

This is real life simulation game where you have to perform various transportation tasks. In this Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel game your job is to drive and control a long heavy US oil trucks. Follow the map for reaching your destination point. Drive different types of US oil trucks in off-road tracks. Avoid hitting traffic it may cause failed your mission or may problem you reaching your destination within the suitable time. Giant oil transporter truck waiting for you go and get your favorite oil tanker SO! Hurry up driver Survive like an army soldier. Fill the liquid fuel in oil transporter cargo truck carefully. Drive gigantic cargo truck with ultimate fun on offroad tracks and reached fuel station safely.
This part of this game is a big challenge for you. Because driving a heavy duty oil transporter American truck is not an easy job to do. To handle and control this American oil cargo transporter truck is a big deal. Accept this challenge and show your master driving skills in this Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel game. Challenging drive and curvy turns may give you tired. So go to the rest house park the oil tanker in parking area and take some rest because challenging drive is not end here.

Your mission is not over here! Long drive and heavy load may reduce the truck engine life. You need to drive again and now your task is to go truck workshop for oil cargo tire repairing and engine testing. Your oil tanker is ready for driving now!! Start your fuel tanker engine and drive the powerful engine of fuel truck. Enjoy the fuel truck driving. Be the furious oil cargo truck driver and transporter of fuel tanker. The main objective of this game is to driving, parking & transport safely high dangerous gasoline fuel from oil refinery to different off road fuel stations

key features of Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel
🚚 Stunning eye catching graphics
🚚 Free to play this game
🚚 Free and challenge mode gameplay
🚚 Offline game play
🚚 Friendly GUI
🚚 Satisfying natural scenes
🚚 Multiple camera views
🚚 Realistic parking
🚚 Futuristic Oil transportation
🚚 Smooth and easy truck controls

We hope you will like our Oil Tanker Truck Pro Driver 2018: Transport Fuel and don’t forget to rate us on Google Play! Thanks
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