Multi Photo Camera - Clone Yourself, Twin, Mirror

Version: 8.6.1 (Latest)

Developer: Dexati

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Multi Photo Camera - Clone Yourself, Twin, Mirror

Multi Photo Camera Create amazing scenic views of person in multiple poses with Twin photos, Clone camera style by changing photo background. We created tons of amazing templates to change backgrounds and create amazing Twin photos.

Multi Photo Camera is easy to use to well defined instructions and help in every step of the way while creating Multi Photos.

Change photo background to amazing scenic view and create multi photos with amazing Multi Photo Camera.

Multi Photo Camera comes in Three Modes:
a) New Multi Photo from Multi Photo Camera is easy to use:
1. Select one of the scenic views to create amazing view by Replacing photo background with AI.
2. On Photo backgrounds, multiple poses on users are created to create Twin Photos and Triplet photos similar to Clone yourself style.
3. Save and share Split Pic view of creations with friends and family.

b) 2D Photo Mirror Effects: 6 Different Photo Mirrors with Photo Frames, Mirror ratios, Photo Stickers, Text on Photos and More making Best Photo Mirrors.

c) 3D Photo Mirrors: More than 15 different 3D Effects with Photo Mirrors included with Photo Filters, Photo Stickers and more.

Create Best looking Twin Photos and Clone camera view with Background change or Multi Starer photos from a single photo with Multi Photo Camera.
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