Mobile Phone Anti Theft Alarm

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Mobile Phone Anti Theft Alarm

Mobile anti theft alarm helps you not to lose your mobile at any point of time. Specially designed to protect your mobile phone from mobile lifters and theives. Now a days, almost everyone is using smart phone with loads of features and confidential information in their mobiles. Hence it is pertinent and very important to protect your mobile. Hence we suggest you to try and equip your mobile with anti theft alarm. This will help you save your mobile from mobile lifters. This way you can minimize chances of losing your mobile.

Once the mobile anti theft alarm is installed and enabled on your mobile, you can be rest assured that your mobile is in safe hands.

You tend to lose your mobile in below circumstances.

Keeping your mobile on charge in a location outside your house.

Keeping your mobile on your office desk and forgot

Leaving your mobile in car etc..

In such situations, you may choose to activate the mobile anti theft alarm feature on your mobile to save your mobile.

With the help of motion sensor in your mobile, the feature gets enabled and blows a loud siren alerting you.

You may use this feature to avoid others to touch your mobile in order to protect your privacy. Once the anti theft alarm is activated, the motion sensor gets activated. The moment someone try to fiddle with your mobile, a loud alarm blows from your mobile and gives you an alert.

The siren will not stop until you key in the PIN No. set by you. They will not be able to even reduce the sound. Hence they will get caught.

Once alarm is activated on your mobile, someone try to touch your phone, the siren blows loud and alert you. This way you can avoid your mobile phone theft or someone try to misuse your mobile phone. You may also set an alert message showing on your mobile (Ex. "Don't touch my phone").

Please note that the alarm gets activated in10 seconds after you you click on activate

You have an option to generate your PIN number. The siren would stop blowing only if someone enter the correct PIN number. You may choose to de-activate the PIN feature if you wish to.

This is helpful during nights when someone try to play mischief with your mobile phone or steal valuable information from your mobile or someone spying on your mobile. You may get rid of mobile thieves during shopping of in restaurants.

It is very very user friendly and easy to use. Very simple to switch ON/OFF this feature on your mobile phone.

Once this feature is activated on your mobile, no one dares to play with your mobile. You can also avoid kids handling your mobile phone without your knowledge.

Protect your mobile phone from theft

Save your mobile

Do not lose your mobil any time.

Very useful app to save your mobile

PIN protected. Needs PIN to unlock your mobile
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