MIRROR LAB : Photo Mirror Editor & 3D Mirror

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MIRROR LAB : Photo Mirror Editor & 3D Mirror

Photo Mirror & Editor is an powerful app to create amazing Mirror & 3D Mirror photo frame and photos editor tool. Using both this functions you can give best effects on your photo and make the photo more beautiful. Mirror Lab contains so many different style of mirror photo frames and 3D mirror photo frames to give best look on photo.

Mirror Photo Lab to create different reflection style of photos with using mirror app and 3D mirror frames like up-down, left-right. Best photo editor tools to edit photo with using different editor functions. There are so many photo editing and photos mirroring related frame, sticker are available and you can use and download it freely.

Cool Features Of Photo Mirror

>> Select Pics from gallery and photos with mirror reflection will generate automatically.
>> Mirror Photo Lab Supported Reflections is 2*2 repeat, 2*2 reflect, mirror reflection with shadow and many more formats.
>> Mirror Photo Editor to edit individual photo to make theme more effective. Edit selected image with mirror image photo editor using latest editor tools.
>> Mirror Photo Editor supports photo filters, Photo Flipper, Photo Rotate, Photo Swipe etc. One tap to flip photo, rotate photo & set photo filters.
>> Create mirror camera effects by selecting the different styles of mirror photo frames.
>> Create the photo collage mirror with using mirror collage maker and mirror image.
>> Create 3D mirror photo app with using different reflection styles and 3D mirror shapes for twin photos.
>> More then 50 different mirror and 3d mirror effects.
>> Give stunning photo look by applying the photo filters effect.
>> 40 frequently use photo filters available to apply on mirror pic.
>> Easy to use & just pinch to zoom drag and drop to change reflection effect.
>> More then 100 new symbols and memes are available. Just drag and drop to add memes on photo.
>> Add some cool and funny stickers on your edited photo to make your photo more expressive.
>> There is wide range of free stickers library available.
>> Write some text on your creation with customized font style, size and colors.

Photo Mirror : Editor, Mirror Lab Detail Features.

Mirror Photo Effect & 3D Mirror Effect
25 different reflection effects of mirror and 20 different 3D mirror shapes to create mirror photo with using shapes. 3D mirror contains shapes live love, heart, square, rounded, bubble, books & many more concepts. Easily create any types of mirror photo frame by just two easy steps. Drag and drop to change photo position and one tap to change reflection effects. Create double faces effects and looks like twin photo.

Echo Mirror Magic
Create the photo mirror magic effects by using echo mirror magic tool. It's display your photo with slow motion effect. Echo image maker creates cool echo crazy magic mirror effect on the pic. Just repeating your pics to make them looks like slow motion photography. To give best effects on mirror magic you can remove the original background from your pics by using auto background eraser tool and use them in echo mirror magic. You can use this tools in just two simple steps, first you can remove original background using background remover and apply echo mirror magic effects.

Photo Filters & Effects
Photo filters is one of the most important part in photo editing apps. There are wide range of photo filters available to apply on mirror photo frame. Cool photo filters give best effects on your pics.

Stickers & Text
You can write on photo or create the custom stickers by write somethings on photo. You can customize the size, style, colors backgrounds & shadow effects of your writing fonts. Just tap to add stickers on mirror photo & add on collage live.

Save & Share
You can directly share mirror photo on instagram, facebook or whatsapp.
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