Personality Database: Real & Fictional People

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Personality Database: Real & Fictional People

With The PERSONALITY Database (also known as The PDB Community), you can contribute to and view 150,000 real and fictional personality profiles featuring to profile systems: The four letter types base on Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, as well as the Enneagram system.

A database featuring real figures such as Presidents, Historical Leaders, and Celebrities... or... Fictional profiles from Movies or Television shows. You can even type Earth, Chess or a Tomato!

This community is dedicating to exploring personality types influenced by the works of Carl Jung, Isabel Myers, Katherine Briggs, David Keirsey and others.

PDB is also a mini social network allowing you to connect with other users of different types. You can create your own personal space to interact with your friends!

**** THIS APP DOES NOT CONTAIN A TEST NOR INFO ON THE PERSONALITY TYPES. There are many apps that do this already. This app, however, is a comprehensive database, based on user-generated content to identify the profile type of famous people, the only app of its kind. **** Those who rate the app on this basis will be directed to this comment.


IMPORTANT: This is a community that requires 100% user-generated content (votes).


Users can add new subcategories and profiles and add to our database collection. If you login, you can comment on profiles as well and upvote or downvote others.

Add profiles to your favorites list and easily find those people you care about.

The app will assign the most popular profile to each person.

Simply login with your Google Account and you can add your profile opinions to the database!

This app is the counterpart to the website
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