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Math Games, Learn Plus, Minus, Multiply & Division

Upload date: July 08, 2020
8.8 ★ · 50,000+
Package com.jigar.Math_Teacher
Version39 (39)
Size9.3 MB

Simple math game to learn
- Plus ( Addition )
- Minus ( Subtraction )
- Multiplication ( Times )
- Division (dived )
- Square (root )
- Play with Friend
- Check Your math power

- Addition Games : Simple Addition game to learn math in fun way.
- Subtraction games : Subtracting numbers to solve the equations.
- Multiplication Games : Multiplication Table is useful tool for every one every day.
- Division Games : Enjoy surpassing the division game and learn the divisions table.
- Math games for adult : Improve your math skills for various mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
- Brain Games : Here are 60 levels, All levels are suitable for adult and all.
- challenge game : challenge your friend 2 player game.
- cool math games : Cool Math Games provides all kinds of interesting and fun games for players of all and skill levels.
- puzzle games : Try using math puzzles to get students strategically thinking about math.
- Educational games : Educational games are games that are designed to help people learn about certain subject.
- learning : its learning games help you to learn cool math examples.
- Practice : By doing many basic examples Practices , you will have much impression of all types examples.

This games goal is improve your math power by playing simply game. With this educational app, parents, teachers and educators can help Student to learn faster.

What is a math game ?
The most effective math games are those in which the structure and rules of the games are based on mathematical ideas, and winning a game is directly related to understanding the mathematics.

Benefits of Using Math Games ?
- Meets Mathematics Standards
- Easily Linked to Any Mathematics Textbook
- Offers Multiple Assessment Opportunities
- Meets the Needs of Diverse Learners (UA)
- Supports Concept Development in Math
- Encourages Mathematical Reasoning
- Engaging (maintains interest)
- Repeatable (reuse often & sustain involvement
- Open-Ended (allows for multiple approaches & solutions)
- Easy to Prepare
- Easy to Vary for Extended Use & Differentiated Instruction
- Improves Basic Skills
- Enhances Number and Operation Sense
- Encourages Strategic Thinking
- Promotes Mathematical Communication
- Promotes Positive Attitudes Toward Math
- Encourages Parent Involvement

Game available in 15 Languages
- English ( English )
- Japanese ( 日本語 )
- Chinese simplified ( 简体中文 )
- Chinese Traditional ( 中國傳統的 )
- Hindi ( हिन्दी )
- Russian ( русский )
- Korean ( 한국어 )
- German ( Deutsche )
- Spanish ( Español )
- Portuguese ( Português )
- Indonasian ( Indonasian )
- French ( français )
- Italian ( Italiano )
- Malay ( Melayu )
- Turkish ( Türk )
- Thai ( ไทย )

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