Magic Piano Vol 3 : KPOP Comeback

Version: 9.0 (Latest)

Developer: Evhellsing Studio

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Magic Piano Vol 3 : KPOP Comeback

Are you a fan of crazy Piano tiles and do you want to relax with KPOP and Drama Korean music ?
Are you a fan of the most famous Korean KPOP and want to play the song?
"KPOP Songs Piano Tiles" is a completely new Piano black tile game designed for 2019 with a flat design style. This is a gift for Korean music fans
An addictive Piano Game with addictive songs by Many Korean songs and artists
Tap the black tile, don't touch any white tiles, don't miss any black tiles.

Now your dream can come true with "KPOP Songs Piano Tiles". This is the latest hit piano application with the Korean theme and OST Drama Korean. With this piano application even a child can play KPOP songs like a real piano master. It's easy to learn and very fun to play! With "Magic Piano Vol 3: KPOP Comeback" your mobile becomes a magic piano, by tapping the black piano tiles, you can play your latest songs and your favorite KPOP songs like the best pianists!
Tap the black tile (piano tile button), don't tap the white tile to feel the rhythm and melody.

Play the best "KPOP Songs Piano Tiles" on your android device NOW! FREE!

"KPOP Songs Piano Tiles" is very easy to play. The rules are simple.
Tap the piano black tile continuously to play music. Watch out for white tiles and never miss black piano tiles to complete each song!

* Amazing graphics and sound effects. You will feel like you are playing a fancy classical piano really made with expensive mahogany.
* High quality piano music soundtrack Drama Korean. Featuring a large collection of piano songs
* Easy to play, hard to master. Just tapping the black tiles on some high-speed songs can be a real challenge!
* Smooth gaming experience. We try our best to turn your mobile into a magic piano with real sound effects.
* Regular Updates! We often update "KPOP Songs Piano Tiles" to fix bugs and create awesome new features that will be liked by every player.
* After you play the entire piano song, you can enter ENDLESS mode directly.
* Songs from Best Artist like BlackPink Piano Tiles, BTS Piano Tiles, EXO Piano Tiles, Twice Piano Tiles and another favorite artist

Download "KPOP Songs Piano Tiles" now and play forever FREE while increasing your reaction speed and musical skills! Become the best music player!
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