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Developer: IVR

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Lucky Today

Lucky Today is a free application that offers you the facility to check your Lucky Number and your Lucky Color every day easily and simply on your Android device.

[Application features]
- Lucky Number for all the Zodiacal Signs.
- Lucky number of one, two and three digits.
- Color of luck every day.
- You can see at random Numbers and colors of luck.
- Percentage of luck according to your sign every day.
- Possibility to share your Lucky Numbers and Colors in your social networks.

Lucky colors and numbers for all the zodiacal signs:
- ♈ Daily Luck for Aries
- ♉ Daily Luck for Taurus
- ♊ Daily Luck for Gemini
- ♋ Daily Luck for Cancer
- ♌ Daily Luck for Leo
- ♍ Daily Luck for Virgo
- ♎ Daily Luck for Libra
- ♏ Daily Luck for Scorpio
- ♐ Daily Luck for Sagittarius
- ♑ Daily Luck for Capricorn
- ♒ Daily Luck for Aquarius
- ♓ Daily Luck for Pisces

The application is completely intuitive, in addition to having a serious and formal design. It fulfills 100% your goal: to give you your lucky numbers and colors every day for free in the comfort of your Android device.

Lucky Today has arrived to become the best free application of the Luck of all Google Play.
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