AB Looper! Loop, Zoom, AB Repeat & Bookmark Videos

Version: 1.120 (Latest)

Developer: B Orama

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AB Looper! Loop, Zoom, AB Repeat & Bookmark Videos

Loop, Zoom & Bookmark videos on the fly! Watch education movies or music videos with Looper Player! Use AB Loop to learn languages by repetition. Improve your homeschooling! Study music, practice sports or dance choreography, and bookmark important parts.

LOOP: You are learning a new guitar lick from a song, watching your favorite musician playing? Loop whole recording or AB repeat selected parts and practice them to perfection! Stay at home and don't get bored.

AB REPEAT: The movie is too long? Loop the most interesting parts using A & B buttons. Edit AB points using arrows or markers on the timeline.

BOOKMARK: Watching an educational video with no time to take notes? Add bookmarks and index the most important content. You can also use bookmarks to set AB points. Make the best of learning at home!

ZOOM: He shoots, he scores but the referee calls goalie interference. Zoom in, review the play, and be the judge. Was the ref right or the fan? Pinch to zoom in and move the video around the screen to inspect the scene.

SEEK : Skip the boring scenes in the video with two pairs of adjustable Seek Time Buttons. Tap on the left to rewind or on the right to fast forward.

SPEED Adjust the playback speed and catch the action with Looper!

Use it for sport's analysis looping a short part of the video and zooming on athlete movements. AB Repeat and Zoom your favorite music videos and learn popular dance choreography. Play language courses, video tutorials, or cooking classes, and master your skills. Loop your guitar or piano lessons and improve your performance. Stay at home and learn new skills. Practice with the best and learn by repetition with Looper Video Player! Replay your videos on the fly!

-- -- MANUAL -- --

The A point is set at the start and the B point is set at the end of the video. You can change their position by grabbing controllers on the Timeline (lines with diamonds) or pressing A/B buttons when playing the video. It will set border points for the loop. Use arrows next to the A/B buttons to set the loop precisely.
To save the selection (AB Loop) press the SAVE button. To export part of the video (AB Video) press the EXPORT button. You can move through your AB Loops with PREV and NEXT buttons on Loop Panel.

By default, Loop is set to high accuracy, which may slow the rewind performance. If you prefer high seek, change Loop accuracy in settings.

To add a Bookmark to the Video use the BOOKMARK button. Bookmarks are represented by vertical lines on the Video Timeline. To edit bookmarks press the Bookmark line on the timeline - now you can delete selected marker or go to the next one or previous one.

For long files enlarge the Video Timeline with EXPAND Button (<>). Now you can slide the zoomed timeline and select the loop range or bookmark precisely. To zoom out the timeline use the DECREASE button (><) on the left.

The REPEAT button shows a number of repetitions (selected in settings). Use it to turn on / off the repetition.

When watching the movie pinch the screen to ZOOM the view. You can drag the video around the screen to inspect interesting parts. Close-up on your favorite actor, dance moves, or other curious details. Double-tap on the screen to reset zoom.

Access your videos from the application on the fly. No need to fiddle around with accessing content. Fast and easy with Looper Player!
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