Payroll Calculator

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Payroll Calculator

Payroll Calculator is the salary calculator app designed for all types of workers.
Payroll Calculator can calculate night & overtime shift allowance… also tax!
Part time workers, freelancers, and everybody who works random hours and days can get the help of Payroll Calculator.

- Record your shift with an hourly wage, daily wage, holidays and absents on the calendar.
- Set the custom shift patterns for you who works random hours and days
- Automatic calculation for night shift allowance, overtime shift allowance and tax – simple setting will let you to free from the entire salary related nuisance!
- View a report that can show you the total payment during the certain period and total work hours.
- And much more!

- Beautiful color coded calendar will help you to track your daily shift.
- Unlimited amount of workplace – there’s no limitation… also customized setting for every workplace is waiting for you.
- Free data backup – Get free account can be used both android & iOS and keep your data secured.
- Regular updates with new features and improvements.
- And these are totally free – unbelievable, but it’s true.

Please feel free to give us the review and feedback. We are always willing to help you and want to show you why we love Payroll Calculator.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (82)10-2645-6940
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