Little Demolition - Free Demolition Puzzle Game

Version: 3.0.5 (Latest)

Developer: Gordyus Studio

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Little Demolition - Free Demolition Puzzle Game

An explosive puzzle game only available on Android!

Little Demolition is a physics-based puzzle game where you have to destroy as many elements as possible to win.

In a series of 48 awesome levels in 2 worlds, you'll discover brick structures. With bombs like dynamites, C4 and other powerful bombs, you'll have to demolish everything!

In this game you will discover different types of objects to destroy: bricks of varying resistance, glass, wood, boxes, and indestructible steel bars.

You like bombs? You like to destroy everything?
Come and destroy as much as possible in this game!

Sandbox mode !!!!
Come build your own levels in the sandbox mode and share them with players around the world!
The sandbox mode allow you to be in control of everything, from the bricks to the points required for a star.

Challenge the best players to get the highest score, your name will be displayed on the defeated level!

The world can't wait to play on your levels!

◉ Beautiful graphics
◉ Beautiful environments
◉ Realistic Destruction
◉ Impressive explosions
◉ Powerful and varied bombs (dynamites, C4, orb of destruction ...)
◉ Realistic sounds
◉ Relaxing music
◉ Sandbox mode
◉ Totaly FREE

Download Little Demolition for free, the best puzzle game in destruction! Show everyone that you are a master of demolition!

Will you be able to get all the stars?

Available in English and French.
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