Liga of Doctors

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Developer: Poisk bolezni

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Liga of Doctors

You like to spend time with benefit, and then distract from lectures, divert the distraction aside! Right now you can consolidate your knowledge in a much more interesting way. Learn to play!

Before you is a unique application created by specialists from various fields of medicine. It is intended not only for future and practicing doctors, but also for those who want to test their knowledge in this fascinating field. Do not be lonely, trying to expand your professional horizon, because learning new things with friends is much more interesting!

We offer 4 game modes:
• Single player game. Compete by going from daily rounds to weekly and monthly competitions.
• Tournament. Compete by going from a daily tournament to a weekly and monthly (64 and 128 players).
• Quick game. Just try your hand and test your knowledge without spending 4 rounds.
• Online tournament. Participate in the game for 8 people in the genre of "Survival": the loser is eliminated, and the last player becomes the winner.

Here you can compete with your friends, classmates, colleagues or just casual players. Try to reach the highest ranks - "The Best Player of the University" and "The Best Player of the Month". Every day 64 players participate in tournaments with the application, the winners of which, of course, will be rewarded with valuable prizes.

The application "League of Doctors":
• 37 categories
• More than 13 000 questions from all sections of medicine
• Ergonomic interface and nice graphics
• Low battery consumption
• Selecting an opponent or answering a call
• Real-time communication

Attention! You need an active Internet connection to play!

You can choose any university from the proposed list or create your own university with any original name for local competitions with friends. Use all the features and monitor the success of individual players or the entire team. To represent a particular university, each rival must enter his name in the appropriate field, after which the company's performance will be reflected in the ranking "Best in the University".
Join our exciting game right now and show us what you are capable of!
Good luck!
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