How to Make Spider Hand

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How to Make Spider Hand

How to Make Spider Hand
How to Make a Hand of a Spider - an instruction to create a spider's arm!
Have you dreamed of possessing super ability?
Everyone thought about it!
It's time to turn dreams into reality!
This appendix details how to make a device for shooting spiderweb!
Everything is not as difficult as it seems!
Three variants of execution are presented!

In the first case, we need tubes made of paper of different diameters!
Support frame, also made of paper!
Two mounts on the arm!
Two piston mechanisms and a hitch!
The lower piston together with the hitch forms the trigger mechanism, for which the upper piston is fixed!
The upper piston will push out a shell made of paper and a white thread!
Look carefully at the pictures and follow the instructions! Press the trigger!

The second way is similar to the first!
We need several tubes of different diameters, made of paper!

The third option and other the most difficult, you will learn in the game!

We fasten the mechanism to the fastening and everything is ready!

Spinning all your friends with a spider's hand! Feel yourself a hero!
Now you jokingly can shoot cobwebs like a spider!
Share the app with your friends and have fun together!
Start to invent right now!

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