Grammar Tense - English Grammar Book

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Developer: Md. Hasan Imam

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Grammar Tense - English Grammar Book

This app will provide you some outstanding facilities to learn English grammar tenses. You will be able to speak English fluently through this app after learning sentence making formula. Reward yourself after learning so that it will encourage you to achieve your goal and practice with your partner as much as possible.

Main Feature:

* English grammar with tense,
* Grammar Tense with practice,
* Practice tense with example,
* Test method with Quiz,
* Practice grammar,
* Test grammar,
* Test tense,
* 12 tenses and formula,
* Present tense,
* Test present tense,
* Future tense,
* Test future tense,
* Past tense,
* Test past tense,
* Indefinite tense,
* practice present tense,
* practice past tense,
* practice future tense,
* quiz test,
* Simple tense,
* Continuous tense,
* Perfect tense,
* Perfect continuous tense,
* Verb,
* Regular verb,
* Irregular verb,
* useful verb,
* synonym,
* antonym with example,
* useful vocabulary,
* practice vocabulary,
* learn important vocabulary and many more..

learn easiest way and practice day by day to improve your english of this applications. Grammar tense mainly focus practice for learn english quickly. so read this application everyday.
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