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Garbage Dump

Get ready to sit behind the wheels of a grand garbage truck to dump trash collected from the city. The waste is increasing and you have been hired as the pro trucker in 2016 to fulfil the duty of garbage trucker in this truck driving simulator. Drive your dump truck this winter season and dispose garbage. Experience the real challenge of how to clean the city on your dump truck. Not just the parking but real time driving adventure. Driving around the city with traffic and daily routine life it gets tougher to handle your mega truck but that’s what the challenge is all about. Just drive to the dustbin spots, attach the bin with the truck with manual controls and collect garbage in your dump truck.

City cleaning authorities have kept garbage bins and baskets every corner of the city to make it a clean place. It’s a transporter truck challenge to drive a grand truck inside the city to collect garbage in your dump truck and take it to the junkyard. Heavy vehicle, construction and transport games are loved by simulation fans so garbage dump truck driver brings a pro truck simulator challenge to collect garbage and dump it to the junkyard. The city drive is awesome with winter weather conditions. Realistic animations will make your trucker job even more interesting. Previously you did your job as the oil transporter driver and even drove big trailer trucks. This time it’s the grand garbage truck simulator with city cleaning tasks and dump truck challenge to dispose trash from the city.

Truck simulator games are liked by the simulation lovers as they love being a Real Truck Driver.

✯✯✯ GAMEPLAY ✯✯✯

✓ Awesome Truck handling with real-time controls
✓ Play as a garbage driver with a duty to dump trash
✓ Collect garbage from multiple points inside the city
✓ Awesome Environment with real-time graphics
✓ Complete manual handling of lifting, attaching and dumping
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