Focus Blur and Background Changer

Version: 1.2 (Latest)

Developer: Mukta Infotech

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Focus Blur and Background Changer

This application helps you to remove cut photos from your photos and Place them against wide variety of Photo Backgrounds. You can Paste any number of photos on backgrounds to change the photo backgrounds... You can blur you photo automatically or manually very easily. Just import a photo from mobile gallery or capture by mobile camera and blur unwanted part of your photos easily.

This app has many functionalities like background change, Blur background or cut past photo. If you want to modify photo with above 3 effects then u dont need to download 3 apps. Just use this one app and give your photo DSLR effects.

Feature :

- Photo Cut: Photo can be cut in multiple shapes including free hand finger cut. Shape cut like heart, circle, oval, rectangle, square and triangle shape cut.
- Photo Eraser: User can erase any part of photo by finger touch. It has ability to undo or redo and adjust eraser size.
- Photo Editor: Photo can be edited like drawing over photo, erasing, cutting, applying effect etc.
- Photo Cropper : photo can be cropped in multiple shape.
- Photo Paint: User can paint over photo by finger touch.
- Flip Photo: Photo can be flipped in any direction at any time.
- Photo Filter: It has multiple photo filter like sepia photo, negative photo, gray scale photo.
- Negative Photo Effect: There are multiple color negative photo effect feature available.
- Photo Border Creator: User can create photo border and can adjust border width and border round radius.
- Automatic blur effects.
- Blur Background.
- Auto Blur images.
- Manually editing and blur effects by finger movement.
- Easy to import photos and easy to editing.
- Share you edited photos on social media or with friends easily.
- Save your edited photos in gallery easily.
- Restore your blur area easily and make your editing perfect.
- Zoom in and zoom out photos easily to make editing easily.
- Blur images.
- Blur images background
- Blur photo background
- Auto Background changer.
- Automatic blur Images.
- Background changer.
- Automatic background changer.
- Manual background changer.
- Background Eraser.
- Background Editor.
- auto erase background.
- background changer.
- background editor.
- bg change.
- change background color.
- photo background editor.
- photo background eraser.
- auto cut paste background.
- background changer app.
- Copy paste photo collage.
- Auto photo eraser.
- Photo background cutting.
- Auto cut paste photo.
- cut paste photo editor.
- Auto photo background changer.
- Easy cut paste photo.
- change photo background.
- Copy paste photo collage.
- Cut and paste photo.
- Copy and paste photo.
- Ultimate background eraser.
- Cut and edit photo.

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