Fart Sound Button

Version: 94.0 (Latest)

Developer: Meme Button Labs

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Fart Sound Button

Fart Button Sound

Simple steps:

Press the screen button to sound through your smartphone or device the fart sound .
Have you ever looked for the typical pedometer or fart application? Well, with this wonderful farts button you can simulate farts everywhere.
Each time you press the button of the Fart Sound Button application you can hear that your mobile rings.
In this application you will find a kind fart (sound) of a lot quality , with which you can do many jokes and laugh with your colleagues, trolling your friends and family and doing pranks with loud noisy fart and wind noises.

Everything included in the application :

- Button attractive fart with which you will interact.
- A majestic fart effect tremendously real with which you can simulate any type of fart in any situation. At family dinners, at dinners with your partner, at the movies, at the doctor, at football, at jail, at everywhere!

- Background that simulates the action of throwing a fart with all the pleasure.
- flatulence is illustrated with a beautiful color for the eyes and for your beautiful body.

- Use this app as an unlimited and infinite fart machine , only conditioned by the battery of your smartphone.

- Become the King of fart noises with this sound so nice that generally.

Attention: this fart button can become extremely addictive :)
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