Farm Animal Sounds

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Developer: Dream_Studio

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Farm Animal Sounds

The entertainment application contains animal sounds and photos of the most popular farm and domestic animals in the world which you can use as ringtones and wallpapers on your phone.

Do you know all farm animals? Check your knowledge about farm and domestic animals. Read information about animals. Find out more about their origin, reproduction, body structure, systematics and many other interesting things.

If you are an animals lover set a ringtone, notification or alarm with the sounds of farm animals.

Real photos and natural animal sounds will make you feel like on the farm filled with animals.

With the language change option you can use the Farm Animal Sounds application to learn foreign languages (40 different languages). Learn the animal names and check your pronunciation together with native lectors in many languages.

App Features:

✔ Farm animal sounds, photos, ringtones and wallpapers,
✔ Information about origin, reproduction, body structure and systematics of animals,
✔ Support 40 languages,
✔ Full-screen real photos of animals in HD resolution
✔ Natural high-quality animal sounds,
✔ Learn animal names in foreign languages,
✔ Check your pronunciation of animal names with native lectors in foreign languages,
✔ Slideshow mode (automatic playback of all animals),
✔ Free application.

If you notice an error please use the "error report" option or send an e-mail to the address:
[email protected]
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