Learn Japanese language, kanji & hiragana by Drops

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Learn Japanese language, kanji & hiragana by Drops

What if learning Japanese vocabulary was a fun and crazy game instead of the boring memorization techniques? Drops makes language learning fun and effortless with its practical Japanese vocabulary paired with beautiful graphics, and quick mini games that is bound to enhance your vocab memory.

The interesting part? You only need to do it for 5 mins a day! Yes it might sound insane, but it definitely works like a charm!

Our ingredients to this secret sauce of vocabulary learning are these:

👀 100% illustrated: Images directly carry a meaning – there’s no need to analyze the words in your native language. Nothing in the middle to slow you down. It’s faster, more fun, and definitely effective! :)

🏎 5 minute learning sessions: A limited practice time might sound crazy but that’s what makes it surprisingly addictive when it comes to learning. Can you imagine that you only need 5 mins a day to learn?! You’ll have no excuse even on the busiest day!

🕹 Effortless play: The essence of Drops is to get into a fun and addictive game while learning. The end-result is an immersive experience that is fun to do while not wasting your time because you will build valuable language knowledge in the process.

⚡Quick: Gone is the painful and slow keyboard typing. Rapid swipes and taps is all you need. Trust us, you’ll need those extra seconds in the quick learning session. ;)

🎯 Vocabulary only: Handpicked practical words, and zero grammar. That’s the focus of Drops and we do it tremendously well as you learn the Japanese language. Hiragana and Katakana learning is in the app too!

💁Forge a habit: We want to make you a language learning addict with Drops. All you need is well-established habit plus the effectiveness of Drops. And don’t you worry, we are here to help you build that habit too.

Our lovely word pronunciations by our experienced Japanese voice talents are also a big hit!

Casual learners can use Drops for FREE with more than 2500 words in 100 topics to choose from.

🌍 Empowering people of the world through language knowledge is our goal, and by providing a special learning tool that uses the universal language that we all speak: pictures!

P.S. You’ve been warned! This app can really get you addicted to language learning. So, are you ready for your first dose of daily Japanese language? ;)
😍 If you love Drops as much as we enjoyed building it, please leave us a review! :) Questions? Contact us at [email protected]
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