Cooking Tasty Creamy Macaroons

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Cooking Tasty Creamy Macaroons

It’s enough to taste one bite of a Macaroons to get in love with them and want more and more.
Macaroons is a sweet French meringue-based dessert made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring.
The secret of a perfect macaroon is to have a crispy shell and a soft composition. In this game we will show you how to prepare creamy macaroons following a simple recipe.
The action will take place in a simple cozy kitchen and the ingredients are prepared for you to start cooking.
First you need to prepare the composition for the macaroon cookies.
Gather all the ingredients and then mix them in a large bowl using an electric mixer.
Place the cookies and oven and let them until they are properly baked. Now it’s time to prepare the creamy composition and to decorate the creamy macaroons after our own taste.
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