CircleBack - Contact Manager

Version: 3.3 (Latest)

Developer: CircleBack, Inc.

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CircleBack - Contact Manager

CircleBack is the only contact management app that keeps your address book up-to-date and duplicate free through its proprietary SIQ and contact deduplication features. If you’re looking for an all-in-one app to manage contacts, this is it! A business address book manager app, a duplicate merging app, a contacts update app-- all combined in one-- CircleBack is one of the most effective sales productivity apps available today.

Contact Management App: Packed with everything you need to stay organized while building and maintaining productive professional relationships, this is one of the best address book managers. CircleBack makes it easier than ever to keep connections alive and get stuff done-- making it a highly popular contact management app for businesses.

The Nucleus of Your Network: Don't ever lose a phone number! The address book app lets you organize your contacts on Android with ease. It's easy to connect multiple networks (Office 365,, Hotmail, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) into a unified address book so that all of your contacts are complete, and in one place.

Email Signature Capture: You can capture contacts from email signatures using CircleBack’s email signature capture. Connect your Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Google Apps, and the entire Microsoft Account Suite (Office 365,, Hotmail, MSN, etc.) accounts, and the app will automatically create contacts from email signatures buried in your inbox.

Contact Backup: Before syncing your address book, CircleBack ensures the safety of all your precious contacts by offering a contact backup.

Address Book Sync: CircleBack’s sync feature is designed to apply any of the changes made within CircleBack directly to the contacts on your phone, wherever they are found. This implies that any network updates, like the updated Google contacts, sync with the CircleBack address book app to keep you notified of the changes and allows you to update information on your phone. In addition, the local address book contact updates are also reflected in CircleBack’s unified address book and vice versa for the common contacts. The contact app thus helps you to promptly update contacts on your phone.

Smart Merge: CircleBack’s contact deduplication feature will remove and merge duplicate contacts for you so you never call the wrong "Bob" or "Billy" again! Intelligent crowdsourcing enables the app to know which contacts are the same people and which simply have the same name.
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