Calendar - Agenda, Tasks and Events

Version: 6.8.0-beta1 (Latest)

Developer: Skuld Apps

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Calendar - Agenda, Tasks and Events

The most complete and practical calendar in your hands, save time managing your tasks and events effectively with our agenda.

Organize your events and reminders
       • It's fast and customizable to track your events.
       • Each event has the option to receive notification (alerts)
       • You can set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrence.

🗓 Sync your calendars in this calendar
       • This way you will never forget your events
       • Integrate all your appointments into one calendar
       • Events registered in other apps will be here, just sync

🇺🇸 All US National Holidays
       • 2020 US Local Holidays
       • Commemorative dates
       • Seasons

🎁 List your friends birthdays
       • Never forget your colleagues' birthday again
       • Get notified in advance of these appointments
       • Birthdays with reminders and early notification options

Tasks are easily added
       • It's easy to add new tasks
       • It's quick to edit and complete your task.
       • Task listing is dynamic

⚫⚪ Theme Options
       • White theme
       • Dark theme

Our calendar is and always will be free and works offline, so leave your review below with your suggestions for calendar enhancements. 👍

📣Enjoy and share :)
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