Game Island. Kids Games for Boys. Build House

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Game Island. Kids Games for Boys. Build House

Educational game Build house - is one of the best toddler island games free for 2 year olds for learning ships, seaport mechanics and building a house develop motor skill and imagination for children boys and girls.

Funny and educational games guide players and show them technical specifics needed to build an island, lighthouse, bungalow and get an experience of creating a wonderful oasis with your own home in the middle of the sea or the ocean!

New features:
● We added a new location - WATERPARK! Slides and attractions for everyone who adores water splashes and laughter!
● Nice and intuitive menu design will help to navigate easily.

Classic features:
● Start building your island with a suitable and safe place on the bottom! The sonar and boats will help us to find it.
● Each stage begins with the puzzle games where you need to assemble the vessel;
● The ship should be refueled at a floating fuel station. Only then you can send the ship on a mission. Remember, each vessel performs its special important function!
● Kids will be fully delighted because the app shows the entire engineering process of designing and construction as it is!
● Having completed their tasks the ships visit the clean-’n-wash site, which looks like a real car wash, where kids wash construction ships controlling a mechanical hand;

Watch how your land grows, learn the names of stages and ships and then create a real villa of your dream!

The game is perfect for toddlers of 2-6 and helps children understand the principle of consistency in any activity, no matter what they do, because only following certain stages a player can build an island in the game.
Following all the stages of work and taking care of the technical units the kid foster his patience and attentiveness while all the mechanical movements of his hands and fingers develop fine motor skills and coordination.

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It's great to play, learn and build!
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