Bubble Live Wallpaper

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Developer: Crown Apps

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Bubble Live Wallpaper

Bubble HD is a unique live wallpaper whith lot of colored bubbles. Choose between lot of colored backgrounds and customize bubbles as you want by determining the direction,density,speed and lot of more options. Also you can play,pop as many bubbles you can and the points will be shown in the background (you can Hide or Display the point counter at the Settings).

Bubble HD key features are:

- CHOOSE BACKGROUND THEME - Select between lot of cool backgrounds (white, red, grey, blue, gold, green, pink, multicolored, pure black, pure white)
- BUBBLES COLOR - Choose your favorite color (red, blue, green, pink, purple, gold, sea green, mixed colors)
- NUMBER OF BUBBLES - Increase or decrease the amount of bubbles
- SPEED - Select movement of the bubbles
- PLAY SOUND (turn On/Off sound when bubbles are popped)
- DIRECTION - Select direction that bubbles should move
- DISABLE BUBBLES - Bubbles are not displayed. Only the background image is visible.
- FRAME RATE - Select how fast the wallpaper is drawn. Increase for smoother animations or decrease for improved battery life.Adapt your frame rate on your phone or tablet (higher is better)
- DISABLE INTERACTION - Touching moving bubbles has no effect
- SHOW HIT COUNTER - Display a hit counter in the background. Challenge your friends,pop as many bubbles you can

Bubble HD Live Wallpaper is optimized for both phones and tablets

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