Table of Contents
1. What is APK?
1.1 What does APK stand for?
1.2 What’s the difference between an EXE File and an APK File?
2. Benefits of downloading APK
3. Which devices can use APK?
4. Is APK File Safe?
5. Do I need to keep the APK files for the apps that are currently installed? 

What is APK?



If you are an Android user, we are sure that there are more jargon that you might have heard but don’t know the definition of these terms. Today, we will help you know more about an interesting and important part of Android which is APK. So, what is APK and what does it do? Keep reading to have further information.

What is APK?

What does APK stand for?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. Basically, APK is an archive file which contains needed components to install an Android application. Usually, when you download an app from Google Play, this app will be automatically installed on your phone immediately. However, after downloading an APK file, you can install this app at any time you want because the file is always on the Download Folder of your phone.

Android Package Kit (APK)

What’s the difference between an EXE File and an APK File?

It is a frequent question that many people concern. Exe is an extension of an executable file format. An executable file is a file which contains a program. This file is used in operating systems such as Windows, MS-DOS, OpenVMS or ReactOS to open software programs. The name of the application file is often relative to the software program's name. Let's take an example, if you download the Chrome web browser, the installer might be named like Chrome Setup.exe.

Overall, an APK file helps you download and install Android apps on your Android devices, meanwhile, an exe file allows you to open a computer program. 

Benefits of downloading APK

We know that download an app from Google Play is more convenient for you because all you need to do is just tapping the Install button and wait for the app to be installed. In fact, there are many benefits of downloading an apk file for Android that we would like to show you. An APK file helps us in cases:

  • Your Google Play doesn’t work.

  • To download some apps that are limited because of restricted countries such as Chinese Weibo version or Douyin (Chinese TikTok version) or YouTube Music...

  • Android version is not equivalent to the requirements of the apps.

  • To use the app on PC with the support of an Android emulator software such as BlueStacks, Memu, Nox Player,...

  • To choose the favorite version of an app to install. For example, your Facebook Messenger has been recently updated a new version but you dislike it for some reasons. Therefore, you can download an older version of Messenger by downloading the apk file of this version.

Which devices can use APK?

As we said above, APK is only used for Android devices such as phones, emulators, cars, or TVs. It means that you can not download and open an apk file on iOS devices.

With the increase of Android phones, people also wonder whether are there any differences between downloading apk on Samsung phones and downloading apk on Oppo phones. In fact, the process of downloading and installing apk files on these Android phones is quite similar. 

Is APK File Safe?

Downloading an APK from unknown sources is very easy. All you need to do is enable the Unknown Sources from the privacy settings to allow your phone to access sources which are not from Google Play. However, there are some concerns that you need to be aware of. Your phones can be attacked by hackers and they may install virus and malware on your devices if you download apk from a harmful website. 

However, it doesn't mean that APK is always harmful. You need to find a reliable source to download. ApkVi Team makes sure that our website always provides you with free, antivirus apk, various apps, and faster apk download compared to other websites. 

Do I need to keep the APK files for the apps that are currently installed? 

You don’t need to keep the APK file for those apps that are currently installed. These apk files can be removed to save your space. For example, we have just downloaded Wifi Map APK and after installing this app, we have received a notification to remove its APK File. All we need to do is tap CLEAN.

APK Removal Notification

If you don’t receive this notification, you can also go to the Apk Installation folder, which is usually on the Files Manager or My Files to delete this apk file. To make it easy to understand, we will guide you on Samsung A7 (2018). First of all, search for My Files on the search bar of the screen and tap the result.

Go to My Files
Go to My Files

Then, you will see a folder named “APK Installation files”, tap this folder and next, tap Download.

Go to APK Installation Files
Go to the APK Installation Files
Then, go to Download and you will see the apk file of WiFi Map
Then, go to Download and you will see the APK File of WiFi Map

Now, you can see the apk file of WiFi Map, tap and hold on it until another menu appear. This apk file is selected and now you can tap Delete to remove it.

Tap the apk file and hold it, then choose Delete
Tap and hold the APK file and then choose Delete

Then, go back to your phone screen, your app is still here meanwhile the apk file has been deleted and you have just successfully removed 52.5 MB of space.

The app is still on the screen
The app is still on the screen
Meanwhile, the APK File has been removed
Meanwhile, the APK File has been removed

The steps to remove APK files on other Android phones are quite similar.

Hope that our post helps you understand "What is APK" and other information about it. If you still have any questions with APK, feel free to leave a comment below and we will try our best to help you solve the problems. Thank you for reading and supporting!