Table of Contents
1. About Unknown sources on Samsung S8
2. Unknown sources can be harmful???
3. How to enable Unknown Sources on Samsung S8? 
4. Wrapping it up

Unknown Sources On Samsung S8- What you should know?



Have you ever failed to download an APK file on your Samsung S8 smartphone? If “yes”, don’t worry, many S8 users have the same problem as you. There are several technical factors preventing you and other Android users from installing APK files, including “unknown sources Samsung S8” setting. If you concern about this feature, let’s follow this article to find out what exactly is unknown sources feature and how to turn on unknown sources on Samsung S8.

About Unknown sources on Samsung S8

Since all Samsung S8 smartphones using the Android operating system, the Galaxy Store and Google Play app are set as the default app providers of the device. Other app-providing services will be sorted as unknown sources.

Therefore, you’re likely to receive a notification about unknown sources for the first time you download an APK file on your Samsung S8. 

Unknown sources can be harmful???

On the one hand, many developers used app providers for their evil intent such as ad promotion, spam, and malware distribution. So, your device data might be at risk if you download files from untrusted sources.

On the other hand, even Google doesn’t state that APK file is a bad thing. Therefore, you can get the APK files from many trustworthy APK providers without any worries about viruses and other stuff. Besides, the third-party apk provides, notably, offers us to install the former versions of app or game, which we can’t do if you install apps from Google Play. Also, APK files are the best solution if you want to install apps when your device space is limited. More interestingly, APK-providing services enable you to download games or apps that are restricted on Play Store. 

So, to some extent, unknown sources are not bad at all, and we don’t have to be worried about it.

How to enable Unknown Sources on Samsung S8? 

Well, activate this feature is not as difficult as you thought. If you want to to turn on this feature right on your Samsung S8, all you need is to follow some simple steps below:

1. Navigate to the Settings on your Samsung S8 device

2. Scroll down and tap on Biometrics and security

Unknown Sources on Samsung S8

3. Then, continue to scroll down to select the option Install unknown app

Install unknown apps on Samsung S8

4. You will see a list of apps that allow or don’t allow the installation from third-party sources. Tap the app that you want to activate install unknown feature

Unknown Sources on Samsung S8

Tip: Most of the apk providers have their own website, so you should enable this feature on the web browser apps.

5. Toggle the switch next to Allow from this source.

Samsung S8 unknown sources

After that, you can download the apk file and install it right on your Samsung device.

Wrapping it up

So far, we have shown you something about unknown sources setting and how to activate Unknown sources Samsung S8. Hope that our sharing will help you get an enjoyable experience with apk installation right on your phone. Thanks for reading and supporting