Table of Contents
1. Why is GPS not found in Pokemon Go?
2. How to Fix the Pokemon Go GPS Not Found 11 on Android devices
2.1 Method #1: Turn off Mock Locations
2.2 Method #2: Reset Location Settings
2.3 Method #3. Restart the Phone
2.4 Method #4. Upgrade Pokémon Go
2.5 Method #5. Tweak the GPS Settings

How to Fix the Pokemon Go GPS Not Found 11 



Pokémon Go GPS signal not found is really a frustrating error that has ruined people’s experience while playing the game. The error prevents Pokemon Go players from spinning POKESTOPS, battling GYMS, and catching POKEMON whenever it kicks in. If you are among those who are struggling to get rid of this inconvenience, then this post is the right place. Here are comprehensive instructions on how to fix the pokemon go GPS not found 11 on android.

Why is GPS not found in Pokemon Go?

This error is called GPS drift and usually caused when your phone can't latch onto a strong GPS signal while you stay indoors. 

Quick Tips:

  • Toggle your GPS to refresh itself. You can do this by pulling down the notifications shade of your phone then turning the GPS On or Off.

  • Take a step outsides even for a moment to allow a satellite to lock onto your GPS location.

  • If you stay outdoors, you need to turn on/off Wi-Fi a few times even if you’re not connected to the Internet. 

  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off. To do this, you pull down the notification shade and then tap on the airplane mode button twice.

If these tips don't help, try some fixes below to completely remove Pokemon Go GPS Not Found 11 error.

Pokemon go gps not found fix

How to Fix the Pokemon Go GPS Not Found 11 on Android devices

Method #1: Turn off Mock Locations

Step 1: On your Android device, go to ‘Settings' then scroll down to find ‘About Phone’.

Step 2: Tap on Built versionseven times to open ‘Developer Options’.

Step 3: Turn on ‘Developer Options’ and then disable ‘Mock Locations’.

GPS not found


Method #2: Reset Location Settings

Step 1: On your phone, head to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Location

Step 2: Check if Location is turned on and tap on ‘Locating Method’ or ‘Location Mode’ in some models.

Step 3: Touch "GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks"

Step 4: Make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on when playing Pokémon go even when you are not connected to any network.

GPS not found11


Method #3. Restart the Phone

The Pokemon Go GPS Not Found 11 error can be removed by restarting your Android phone. A simple restart will help the phone refresh its settings and fix some of the common errors facing your phones. Give this a try and you may find no signs of the GPS problem anymore. This method is especially handy when you may be looking for a location quickly. While restarting your phone can be a solution for the Android GPS not working problem, sometimes these errors begin to reappear. If the problem persists, then you'll have to check the other solutions for a permanent fix.

Method #4. Upgrade Pokémon Go

Using the old version of Pokemon Go can be a reason for "GPS signal not found”. To tackle this issue, update the app to the latest version, which fixes any bugs that may be causing the issue and offers a major improvement over your current version. 

If none of the above methods help to solve the GPS signal issue, then you can try for this last method - Downloading Pokémon Go APK from a trusted site. This process is commonly used in Android devices and will surely fix the GPS signal not working issue.

Step 1. Enable the installation from unknown sources in your phone’s setting in the first place.

Step 2. Once done, visit to download and install Pokémon Go APK for free without any restrictions. You may care about how to download and install an apk file on your phone

Step 3. Download GPS Essentials app to boost your GPS and will show you how strong your GPS signal is.

Step 4. Tap on the compass to take a compass test that would verify your phone’s condition

Pokemon go gps not found8

Method #5. Tweak the GPS Settings

Tweaking the GPS Settings in your phone can make a great improvement in the calibration of your location. Your GPS can better pinpoint your location with the help of other technologies. However, that's in the case you have chosen the right settings. Follow these steps below to check the GPS settings:

Step 1: On your phone, head to the 'Settings'.

Step 2: Scroll down to find 'Location' and turn it on.

Step 3: Under 'Location', tap on 'Mode'. Here you will see three different settings available under 'Mode' (Battery Saving mode, GPS and High accuracy). The best option is “High Accuracy”  as it combines two modes to better locate you. Though you can enable ‘high accuracy’ mode in phone’s GPS settings, the accuracy must be specifically activated while in Google Maps in order for Pokemon Go to run properly. Otherwise, you’ll continuously get the annoying error of Pokemon Go GPS not found 11, which ruins your experience playing the game. 

Don't let GPS errors stop you from catching Pokémon Go! 

So these are some possible methods that can be tried to get rid of GPS Signal Not Found problem. If they don’t work effectively in your case, then the problem may come from the side of Niantic servers. All you need to do is waiting for Niantic servers to launch the latest updated version. Hope this post is helpful for you. Thanks!

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