Table of Contents
1. Understanding the Different File Versions
2. Finding Your Android Device's Info
3. How to Find the Most Proper Variant for Downloads

How to Find A Proper Variant for APK Download



There are several variants of the same app version designed to perfectly match with different types of Android devices. Thus, before we dive into the steps to download and install apks on Android/PC, it’s important to know how to find the most proper APK file variant.

Understanding the Different File Versions

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re trying to download an app from our website, which is a legitimate hosting site that allows downloading APKs available for free in the Play Store. This is an optimal choice if the app you want is geo-restricted, not compatible with your device, or has an update that hasn’t yet made it to your account. 

If the app you’re looking at has only one version, then getting it installed into your phone would be a piece of cake. But what about some of the apps that have multiple versions available? Well, trying to figure out the proper apk download for your phone can be a hassle as you really need to know what version is the best for your phone.

Finding Your Android Device's Info

To check whether a variant is compatible with your Android version or not, you need to know the detailed information of your Android phone (Architecture, Android version, and DPI) in the first place. This can be a little bit confusing but not complex at all with the help of the AIDA64 app, which will tell you essentially everything you need to know about your phone. In this post, we will take Google Pixel XL as an example.

Now go ahead to download AIDA64 apk at the website and get it installed. We’ll show you where to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

• Architecture: From the main interface of AIDA64, select the CPU -> Instruction Set.

choose correct variant for apk download

• DPI: Go to Display -> Pixel Density.

choose correct variant for apk download3

• Android version: Go to Android -> Android Version

android version3

How to Find the Most Proper Variant for Downloads

With the device info in hand, you then go back to the app variants and make a comparison between them and those three primary parameters of your device to find exactly which download applies to Google Pixel XL


• DPI and Android Version parameters of the device must be at least equal to or higher than those of the app variant. For the Architecture of app version, 32-bit apps can be safely installed on both the 32-bit and 64-bit Architecture devices, but 64-bit (ARM64) versions are only compatible with 64-architecture devices.

          - ARM vs ARM device: OK

          - ARM64 vs ARM device: Nope

          - ARM vs ARM64 device: OK

          - ARM64 vs ARM64 device: OK

• In case that the variants and versions have the same parameters, it is recommended to select the latest version based on the Upload Date.

For more details, please take a look at the below example of choosing the proper variant of Pinterest apk download (Latest version: 7.29.0) for Google Pixel XL 9.0.

Pinterest apk download
The latest version of Pinterest has 3 variants

As shown in the picture, Pinterest apk download (Latest version: 7.29.0) comes in three variants. Now let's make a comparison between the phone's specifications (Android version, DPI, Architecture) and those of the first variant.

Pinterest apk download variant 1

It can be easily seen that the Android version, DPI of Google Pixel XL, and the variant are compatible. For architecture, as the phone doesn't support X86 or X86_64 app. So, you can't download this variant to your device or if you can, you may encounter 'app not installed' because of the incompatibility.

Now, we will take the second variant into consideration. Pinterest apk download variant 2 (7298033) supports Architecture arm64-v8a, Android 4.4+, and nodpi. Great! All the specifications of the device are compatible with this variant, so you shouldn't be worried to download and install it into your device flawlessly.

Pinterest apk download variant 2

How about the third variant (7298032)? Let's see the picture below:

Pinterest apk download variant 3

As you can see, Android version, DPI, and Architecture of our device are totally compatible with the third variant of Pinterest. To sum up, Google Pixel XL can download the second or the third variant of the latest Pinterest ( 7.29.0). After comparing, you can choose one of the two suitable variants to download.

So, that's all about how to find the most proper variant for apk download. Is there anything you've still been confused? Feel free to contact us for support if you face any difficulties related to this issue. We're willing to help you out!