Table of Contents
1. What is FRP?
2. How To  Enable Unknown Sources on LG FRG
3. Fix: Unknown Sources is Grayed Out
4. How to allow apps after enabling Unknown Sources?
5. The Final Words

How To Enable Unknown Sources on LG FRG



The demand for getting applications from external sources has remarkably increased in recent days. In Android phones, to download and install any none-store app, users need to enable the key option- Unknown Sources to get security permission. Overall, this task is easy and straightforward; however, the pattern is pretty complicated in the case of LG devices with FRP. In this post, we will provide you the step-wise instructions on how to enable unknown sources LG FRP for apps’ sideloading.

What is FRP?

Basically, FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection, which is an anti-theft function built into Android-based devices. This technology is a security system invented by Google for the Android operating system, with the aim to prevent unauthorized use of the phone when being lost. FRP is designed to deter people who are not real owners of the device from activating their new Google account when they return the phone to factory mode using the factory reset feature.

How To  Enable Unknown Sources on LG FRG

Follow the guidance below to successfully turn on the option Unknown Sources to allow app installation on LG devices.

  1. From share options, long tap on Gmail icon.

  2. After that, tap on Notifications and navigate to App Settings.

  3. Tap on 3 vertical dots from the top right corner, and then select Manage Accounts, after that, click on Continue. 

  4. Next, scroll down, and then tap on Fingerprints & Security or Security with the phones which do not support fingerprint.

  5. Enable Unknown Sources from there.

Fix: Unknown Sources is Grayed Out

LG FRP - enable Unknown Sources

Grayed-out Unknown Sources is a common issue facing LG users. Read on to know the steps to troubleshoot this inconvenience in just a few minutes.

  1. Scroll down the Settings menu, and then tap on Fingerprints & Security/ Security. From here, you will see the option Unknown Sources is grayed out, and, we can solve this issue by disabling some applications.

  2. Turn off Verify Apps

  3. Go to Phone Administrators and drag down to tap on  Android Device Manager and then choose Deactivate to bypass google account.

LG FRP- Unknown Sources

4. Again, you tap on 3 vertical dots from the top right corner and then select Manage Accounts.

5. Press on Apps, and then tap on 3 Dots from there. After that, select Show Systems.

LG FRP unknown sources

6. Drag all the way down until you see Setup Wizards. You will be greeted with 2 Setup Wizards, one is in Blue and the other is in Green color.

7. Tap on the blue one and then click Force Stop. Hit OK. Then, the system will take you to Storage. From there, you click on Clear Data

8. Back to Apps again and tap on the green color Setup Wizard > Force Stop > OK > Storage > Clear Cache.

LG FRP Unknown Sources

9. Go back to Apps. Scroll all the way up until you see Google Play Services, tap on it to open Storage> Clear Cache and Clear Data. Next, you go back and choose Force Stop, hit OK and select Disable. Finally, confirm the process by tapping on Yes.

Enable Unknown Sources on LG FRP

How to allow apps after enabling Unknown Sources?

To protect your Android from any sorts of malware, you have to download the apk apps from authorized sources., with the provision of pure and safe apk files, is your excellent choice. There’s no need to download other apps to install your desired one on Android.

  1. Go to our website and search for your desired app through the search bar

  2. Tap Download and hit OK when the popup with the security warning prompts. 

  3. Press Install to start the installation. And within a few seconds, the sideloaded app will appear on your home screen.

The Final Words

To sum up, you’ve equipped with a detailed guide on how to enable Unknown Sources LG FRP and grasped the feasible resolution to the common issue of the mode. We hope that this piece of information will work for you. 

Thanks for your attention!