Table of Contents
1. Install third-party apps on Android
2. How to enable “Unknown Sources” on Android Oreo
3. Revoking the Permission
4. Wrapping it up

How to enable Unknown Sources on Android 8



Android OS is an open-source platform so that you could do more options than in iOS. One advantage of Android is that this operating system allows users to install third-party apps from outside of the Google Play Store. To get the software from anywhere else, Android requires you to enable the Unknown Sources setting. So, today’s article will show you step-by-step instructions on how to enable unknown sources on android 8.

Install third-party apps on Android

In fact, there are two methods to sideload third-party apps without the Google Play Store. The first way is via third-party app stores such as F-Droid, Amazon’s App Store, etc. The second one is finding APKs from websites and manually installing them on your Android device. In this tutorial, we will focus on the way to download and install APKs through unknown sources on Android 8. 

Unknown Sources Android 8

Installing APKs from websites is very popular nowadays, but it’s also a dangerous way to install apps. As a matter of fact, when installing software from an unreliable source, this app can bring viruses, malware, etc on your device. As a result, your device and personal data can be more vulnerable to threats such as Ransomware.

However, there are a few sites where we don’t mind sneaking malware onto your device, including Apktovi. 

How to enable “Unknown Sources” on Android Oreo

Now, without further ado, we’ll explain how to allow app installation from Unknown Sources on Android 8 that let you safely install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, like from Apktovi. This process is quite easy.

On the Android Nougat or lower, you just tick a box to enable the install from “unknown sources” setting on your phone, then you can install apps from anywhere. This is very convenient, but not secure. Therefore, that’s changed in Android 8.0 Oreo and replaced with something safer. You will allow unknown sources setting with “install permissions” for each individual application. In other words, you are asked each and every time you want to install an app you got elsewhere. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Unknown Sources on Android 8

  • Download an app (APK) on your Android phone or tablet from a reliable website like APktovi.

  • Once the downloading process finishes, tap Open or Install it on your phone.

  • From there, you will get a pop-up box saying that for your security, your phone doesn’t have permission to install apps from an unknown source. Don’t worry, just select Settings to grant it permission.

  • Now flip to switch to ON next to the “allow from this source” option.

  • After that, hit back to restart the process, and tap "Install" and you'll be all set.

Revoking the Permission

In case you regret that you granted an app permission to install unknown apps, it's pretty easy to revoke the permission and the app is unable to function. Follow the guide below to know how to do it:

  • Head to Settings by tapping on a gear icon in the notification shade near the top left corner

  • Select Apps & notifications -> "Advanced" to expand a few more menu options. 

  • Tap "Special app access" -> "Install unknown apps" 

  • Then, select an app that you previously granted permission to. 

  • Just toggle the switch to the off position, then this app will be blocked.

Wrapping it up

Now you have known how to enable unknown sources android 8. If you find this tutorial useful, share it with your friends right now. Thanks!