Table of Contents
1. The Tank Stars brief description
1.1 The Tank Stars gameplay
1.2 The Tank Stars outstanding features
2. How to download Tank Stars for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
2.1 Guide to download Tank Stars on PC via BlueStacks
2.2 Guide to download Tank Stars for Mac
3. How to download Tank Stars for PC without BlueStacks
3.1 KoPlayer overview
3.2 Koplayer key features:
4. Conclusion

How to download Tank Stars for PC (Windows 7/8/10)



Download Tank Stars for PC
Download Tank Stars for PC

Playgendary has garnered mountains of praise lately for their awesome mobile games called Tank Stars. What is more exciting than manipulating tanks with your fingertips? Let’s jump into Tank Stars game right now! Tank Stars is as a turn-based 2D tank shooter featuring crazy tanks with a broad range of artillery. Select a weapon ranging from basic missiles to a lot of atomic bombs. Drive tanks with a great number of deadly weapons at your disposal. Take the right shots speedily, blow them up or get blown up. 

You want to experience this hot game right now but do not know how to start. Don’t worry. At first, you had better download and install Tank Stars in your device. In this tutorial, you will learn the way to download Tank Stars for PC or laptop presented in great details.

The Tank Stars brief description

Tank Stars is the newest free to play mobile game developed by Playgendary. After launching the game, you are dropped into a world of tanks, artillery, and upgrades in the game. If you are not sure how to start, you have come to the right place. Here are the Tank Stars gameplay and some key features of Tank Stars game for guiding you to boost your strategy and blasting other tanks to bits.

The Tank Stars gameplay

Tank Stars game on PC
Tank Stars game on PC

When beginning Tank Stars game, the short tutorial in this game instructs you the simple controls like moving, aiming and shooting. You control various tanks with multiple devastating weapons. You are advised to make quick decisions as you are fighting in turn-based combat or you will die instead. At first, the game provides you a small amount of fuel each turn, so you should try to select the best position for shooting by moving forward or backward. Moreover, you also need to use the correct joystick to take control of the power and angle of your attacks. Accurate shots and appropriate weapon choice will spell the difference between blowing up your rivals or getting blown up. 

On Tank Stars game, the system offers 4 game modes to choose from. You can combat with the server to develop and learn several tactics needed to control a new tank. Furthermore, you can play in online PVP mode with your friends and complete missions to gain chests in Tournament mode.

Tank Stars game - tank shooter
Tank Stars game - tank shooter

There are a variety of tanks to unlock and each with multitude injurious weapons, so strong for annihilating your enemy completely. You should start experiencing the ABRAMS tank, you will have an arsenal of rockets at your disposal. Meanwhile, the Big One supplies short blast radius but big damage, Shotgun tank seems to shoot lightly but deadly in a close radius. Besides, Volley provides a barrage of cannon shells, Splitter Chain launch 2 missiles that split up, Vertical slam automatically locks on to your opponents as it passes it and Air Strike drops missile barrages at a targeted location. 

After winning some stages, you earn gold, and now you can purchase and unlock tanks that have diverse styles of attack, for instance, Frost that has ice attacks, Helios that equipped with fire attacks, Spectre that uses electric strikes and more. Tanks and weapons can be upgraded to enhance their survivability and add more damage or range to their attacks. However, you can modernize tanks and weapons by gaining enough cards required to the upgrade. Cards can be gotten by buying chests in the shop or by unlocking chests after completing the fights.

Every tank has 6 separate attacks that can get recharged only once you have employed all 6 attacks. Noticeably, sometimes, there are random drop subjects which get parachuted that include ever stronger weapons. In particularly, Nukes are deadly on direct effect and Fire Pillars damage large area and create lingering fire damage over the influenced area. 

Tank Stars game download for PC
Tank Stars game download for PC

The Tank Stars outstanding features

  • A bunch of strong weapons that greatly perfect for the annihilation

  • Both offline and online multiplayer game with 4 game modes.

  •  Upgrade weapon regularly to make you more strength and break-back in order to win every stage.

  • Epic graphic effects with intriguing gameplay.

  • Multiple types of tanks with various attacks in a wide range of damage.

Download Tank Stars game on Windows
Download Tank Stars game on Windows

How to download Tank Stars for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

If you are using PC or laptop and want to play this game, you may search for “Tank Stars for PC free download” or “ Tank Stars Windows 10 free download”. Luckily, you are in the right place. This writing will give you two methods to download and install Tank Stars on PC and laptop no matter what type of Microsoft Windows your device is running on.

As aforementioned, Tank Stars is a free-to-play mobile game on Android. However, it is possible to have it on your PC or laptop by carrying out Tank Stars apk file download via PC’s browser or Android emulator software. If you are still wondering what apk file is, its function and the reasons to use it, keep reading our article and you will get the answers later. 

It is a good idea to download Tank Stars straight on Google play store, but as you may know, to download apps on Play store, you need to sign in your Google Play account. This action is quite time-consuming if you are in a rush. Fortunately, our website offers Tank Stars apk which assists you in downloading Tank Stars quickly from your computer. You are advised to download the Tank Stars latest version of this app that will cover the bug fixed and new game features updated. You do not need to worry about the security level of the Tank Stars apk file provided by our website because all these apk files are taken directly from Google Play without being inserted any malware or viruses into. Furthermore, whenever Tank Stars developer releases the new version of the game on Google Play, we will update its latest version apk file instantly on our website.

The is one thing you should notice that in order to download Tank Stars game on PC via emulator software, you need to install emulator software for Android first. There is a wide range of emulator software options such as NoxPlayer, Memu, Droid4X, BlueStacks, etc. In this instruction, we will employ BlueStacks owing to its popularity and excellent performance.

Guide to download Tank Stars on PC via BlueStacks

As I mentioned before, logging in Google account to download apps or games on Play store will be an obstacle to the download process pretending that you may forget your account. For that reason, the easiest way is to download apk files on our website. We guarantee that it’s fast and secure.

There are 3 methods to install Tank Stars APK file from BlueStacks

Method 1: Tank Stars download via a browser on BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you launch BlueStacks on your PC.

Launch BlueStacks
Launch BlueStacks

Step 2: On the main interface of BlueStacks, click More Apps to start the browser, and then click on the symbol of Chrome browser to open Chrome on BlueStacks.

Click on More apps on BlueStacks
Click on More apps on BlueStacks
Open Chrome browser
Open Chrome browser 

Now, it’s time to download Tank Stars apk from this browser.

Step 3: Seek "Tank Stars" on the search bar and select the matching name in the result as shown in the below image.

Search for Tank Stars
Search for Tank Stars

Step 4: Later, you click on Download APK. You will see an announcement that this APK file may harm your phone. Don’t mind, click OK to continue.

Step 5: Once the apk file has been downloaded, choose Install to begin installing this app.

Install Tank Stars apk
Install Tank Stars apk

Step 6: Open the app and now you can play Tank Stars right away on your PC. Tank Stars game is now displayed on the main screen of your desktop.

Method 2: Tank Stars download via an Internet browser on PC.

Step 1: Initiate any browsers on your PC and get access to our download apk website.

Step 2: Next, you look for Tank Stars game on the search bar and click on the suitable result as in the image below.

Search for Tank Stars
Search for Tank Stars 

Step 3: Click "Download APK" to download the Tank Stars apk file.

Step 4: Then you enter BlueStacks, click on the three vertical dots icon at the left corner on BlueStacks screen. There are two options present, you click on Install apk. A menu will be displayed.

Click Install apk on BlueStacks
Click Install apk on BlueStacks

Step 5: Later, you identify the APK file that you have downloaded. It is usually on the Download Folder of your computer. Then, insert the Tank Stars apk file into the pop-up box and then click Open. The app will be automatically installed on BlueStacks.

Insert Tank Stars apk file
Insert Tank Stars apk file

Step 6: The Tank Stars app is installed on your PC.

Method 3: Open the Download folder on your PC, click on the apk file of Tank Stars and then drag this file to the main interface of BlueStacks. After that, you will see that Tank Stars game has been installed on BlueStacks.

Guide to download Tank Stars for Mac

The Tank Stars apk file is also downloadable on Mac. The download steps for Mac are similar to these ones for Windows.

How to download Tank Stars for PC without BlueStacks

Currently, BlueStacks is the most prevalent emulator software for Windows due to its productivity. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to use this emulator, there are also a variety of other options in terms of emulator software for you to choose so as to download and install Tank Stars game successfully on your PC. We suggest the most outstanding emulator software, apart from Bluestacks, is KOPLAYER.

KoPlayer overview

KoPlayer is a newly-released Android freeware emulator for PC. This emulator concentrates on games and hardware acceleration. With Koplayer, you can use key-mapping to stimulate a controller with your keyboard.  KoPlayer lets you play Android games and apps with PC experience. It has multiple advantages in performance, stability, and compatibility. The great thing that Koplayer offers you is that you are able to record your game experience and upload it whenever you want in the purpose of reviewing. We highly recommend this emulator software for those who are searching for a preeminent emulator, except for BlueStacks.

KOPLAYER emulator software for Windows
KOPLAYER emulator software for Windows

Koplayer key features:

1. Intel and AMD CPU supported

2. Install by dragging

3. Flexible resolution.

4. Supports gamepad smoothly.

5.  Emulate operation with keyboard and mouse.

6. Compatible with all apps and games on Google Play store.


Hope this article helps you to download and install Tank Stars game on PC successfully. Contact us if you have any questions related to the Tank Stars installation on PC/laptop.