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1. Unknown sources Galaxy S7
2. Why should we enable unknown sources on Galaxy S7
3. Instructions for enabling unknown sources Galaxy S7
4. Conclusion

Enable unknown sources on SAMSUNG GALAXY S7



With the development of technology nowadays, we can easily find many Android smartphones everywhere, and the most popular smartphone brand using the Android operating system is Samsung. There are many types of Samsung smartphones, and Galaxy S7 is one of the most popular ones. With this phone, people can easily download and install apps from the Google Play store and also use utilities provided on this phone. However, there are still some people who always face troubles while downloading and installing apps from unknown sources. In addition to that, in this article, we will introduce you to how to "enable unknown sources Galaxy S7".

Unknown sources Galaxy S7

Because Galaxy S7 uses the Android operating system, all secure applications are set as defaulted at the Google Play Store and Galaxy store, other sources will be known as “unknown sources”. On almost Android devices, we can easily find out this function in mobile settings. Unluckily, in Samsung Galaxy S7, it is quite difficult for us to enable the unknown sources function to start downloading and installing unknown apps because of the Android version.

Why should we enable unknown sources on Galaxy S7

If you are an Android user, you must know about an apk file. Apk file (Android application package kit) is a file available on the Android operating system. This file was created for people who cannot download and install apps from the Google Play store. And you should download and install this file due to some reasons below:

  • Users want to use an app on some other Android besides Android smartphones like Android TV, Android Car…

  • Their devices are not compatible with the latest version of an app provided on the Google Play Store. With an apk file, they can download and install all versions of an application.

  • There will no longer “error” cases while downloading and installing apps from the Google Play Store.

Instructions for enabling unknown sources Galaxy S7

Before enabling unknown sources Galaxy S7, you have to check your Android version because there are many ways to enable this function according to the Android version. Nowadays, almost all Galaxy S7 smartphones are updated up to Android Oreo, so you can follow the process below to know the way to enable unknown sources Galaxy S7:

  • Step 1: On your S7 home screen, get access to mobile Settings to start enabling unknown sources.

  • Step 2: In your mobile Settings, tap on Apps and Notification

  • Step 3: Then, choose Advanced > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps 

Unknown Sources

  • Step 4: Subsequently, choose the browser that you usually use, such as Chrome

  • Step 5: Tap on Allow from this source to enable the Unknown sources function. 

Enable Unknown Sources on Galaxy S7


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