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Bíblia Sagrada Grátis

Holy Catholic Bible!

Take with you in your Android the Holy Bible. You do not need internet connection to use it, just download and install it.

For free you can now download the Free Holy Bible. With this application you will be able to read the Bible even when you are without internet.

The Holy Bible in Portuguese Version João Ferreira de Almeida is a free application that allows you to navigate through all the wisdom of the Bible with just a few clicks and without the need for an Internet connection.
Bíblia Sagrada Grátis [The Portuguese Bible – JFA] - Bible translations into Portuguese. João Ferreira de Almeida version for your android devices. It comes complete with text and audio Bible in Portuguese, New and Old testaments. You can read the Holy Bible in your language Portuguese. If you have no time to sit and read, just play audio in this app and listen. You can carry your Bible with you wherever you go. Portable and easy to use. Listen to the word of God every day and come closer to God by use the The Portuguese Bible – JFA app. Hope you enjoy the app! Try to install now, it's FREE!
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