Call of Modern World War Hero Sniper Assassin

Version: 1.1.4 (Latest)

Developer: Action Games For Fun

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Call of Modern World War Hero Sniper Assassin


Here you will become the best assassin of the world!
Complete training and become the ultimate sniper assassin!

Get yourself in the highest stage of 3D action packed survival hero in sniper commando army training game. Experience one of the best first person shooting FPS sniper shooting training game.
The ratio of the assassin criminals & terrorists are increasing in the city. So you have to fight like a last & alone mutant stealth sniper shooter by using the power combat army weapons & sniper guns.
This army sniper gun shoot war training would make you stronger & undefeatable soldier. As a sniper shooter assassin survival accomplish your army training in the best way. In this army course mission you can use the modern sniper weapons like sniper guns & sniper rifles.
After an intense battle with the enemy we beard a great loss on the line of control as we had less number of snipers and shooters. The enemy attacked with full force and destroyed our front bunkers and infiltrated in our land to some extent. Our military had to lose great lives and had to do a lot to push the enemy back into their filthy land.
Now is the time we prepare our young soldiers and commandos to be one of the best snipers and shooters to assassin the bad guys coming from the front. Get into the training course of this military unit and be shooter. You are already an intelligent mind and know how and what to do in a war, but let us get you into a hardcore weaponry training so that if next time the enemy dares to attack the border line, we would kill them in their places, we are in the process of making a battalion sniper shooters whose specialty would be to assassinate the war lords and terrorist trying to invade the protected land of ours.

You are in a secret military camp which officially not recognized by the government. Your are highly skilled sniper and your army decided to make a ruthless assassin to finish dirty tasks of your country. Your government and army provide you a harsh and unmerciful training period in order to make you the best sniper assassin.

You have various missions and tasks to complete in this training like hit shooting targets, long distance parachutes, target the assassins near the danger zone and prove to be an assassin shooter. You have various weapons to learn and use like Barrett M99, GOL Sniper Magnum and AWC G2. Shooting targets would be different in different levels of your training. If you do better, you get daily bonus too as a reward. Get ready soldier and get into the shoes of a commando sniper shooter and kill the infiltrators of this country.

Immersible 3D environment
Real life sound effects
In-app purchases
Engaging gameplay
Challenging missions,
Chance to be a hero
Get trained on how to shoot
Multiple weapons to use
Army and military trainings.
-a variety of scenarios,
-Intelligent guidance system,
-Added a variety of gorgeous Weapons
-A variety of different training and assassination modes
-Perfect interface: a first-person shooter
-3D images and quality sound effect
-A variety of game scenarios: There are a variety of different scenarios, squares.
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