APUS File Manager (Explorer)

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APUS File Manager (Explorer)

APUS File Manager is a free, powerful, intelligent, easy-to-use file manager. Use APUS File Manager to easily and efficiently help you free up your phone's storage space, quickly find and manage your phone files as you like, free of traffic and quickly and securely transfer files with your friends.

Main features:
► Smart cleaning, save you time and free up more mobile space.
► Multiple ways to find files to help quickly find any file on your phone.
► Powerful file management, support for a variety of management operations in common file formats.
► Repeating pictures and blurring image recognition make photo management easier.
► Support SD card file management, SD card file and file storage stored by mobile phone.
► Free traffic with friends.
► Support for connecting from a PC to an Android device. Manage your phone's files on your computer.

The main function:
★ Space cleaning:
► Disk depth analysis, one-click cleaning of junk files in the phone to release storage space.
► Intelligent analysis of storage usage, detection of junk files, large files, duplicate images, blurred images, less common applications, etc.
► Get the best cleanup advice before deleting files.
★ File management:
► Keyword searches for local files.
► Intelligent classification: according to the file type, classified as: picture, music, video, document, application, installation package, etc.
► Support multiple file operations: open, compress, decompress, share, delete, rename, cut, copy, and more.
► Support the management of common file formats, such as gif, jpg, png, etc. of the image; txt, doc, pdf, etc. of the document.
► Support for managing all files and folders based on the storage directory.
★ Free file transfer:
► Even if you don't have a network, you can transfer any file freely, quickly, and freely with friends near you.
► Even if there is no data cable, you can use the mobile phone U disk function to conveniently manage and manage mobile phone files on your computer.
★ Private & Security:
The private APUS file manager is completely local based on file management and does not have any risk of file uploading, loss, or leakage.
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