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First, you need to understand what APK is and the reasons why we should use it.
APK Downloader is a tool which helps users to directly download APK files, OBB data files and install these files onto your Android devices or your desktop.

Our tool allows you to enter app name, package name or package ID of an app into the search bar. However, to have the best result, please enter the package name or package ID of an application.

  • Access Google Play Store from a browser on your PC.
  • Enter the app name that you want to download its APK file onto the search bar of the Play Store. For example: Money Lover.
  • Pay attention to the URL:

You can copy this URL or just copy the package name of Money Lover and then paste it into the search bar of APK Downloader. The package name of an app usually appears behind the symbol “=” of the URL. In this example, the package name of Money Lover is """.

  • After pasting the URL or package name of an app, let's Enter or click on the blue Download button. You will be led to the page which contains the apk file that you want to install.
  • Now you can download APK file or APK+OBB file into your devices

Of course! Thanks to our tool, you can download apps that are restricted by countries. For example, Indian, Israeli, Japansese or Vietnamese cannot search and download Google Earth on Google Play. Or YouTube Music is also not available on Play Store to Vietnamese, Korean or Chinese. However, you can always find any types of apk files- even when this apps are restricted by location via our website.

No, you can’t. Our tool only provides free apps.

We are sure that apk files that you can search via our tool are the same as apps on Google Play Store. 100% safe, no modded. If Google Play only provides you with the latest version of an app, we always have not only the new version but also old versions for you to choose. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether our apps are different from the Play Store.
If you find any problems with an app on our website, please report it to us as soon as possible.

Click on the country flag icon and choose the country name which is listed by continents.

Some APK Downloader extensions on Chrome or other browsers require to access your location, storage, or scan your information. Our tool doesn’t do that. We don’t require any access permission to your computer!

If you still have any questions, visit our blog to read more posts about APK!